Free the Goat!


It seems that Billy the Goat from Big Thunder Mountain is getting bored of sitting on the mountain! He wants to be free for just three days to experience some of things that guests talk about in Walt Disney World.

Free the Goat!


So what happens when the goat gets freed?

I’ve never noticed the goat on this attraction. Where is he? I’ll have to look for him next trip. That is, if he hasn’t been freed yet!

His accent makes me laugh. Sounds eastern and he’s been sitting smack dab in the middle of frontierland.


Heeheehee. This is cute. I’ve noticed he’s been looking a bit hungry lately. Maybe he needs a dole whip or mickey bar :laugh:


Love it!!!


Why does the goat from big thunder mountain have a jersey accent?


I have done my part, he must be freed and allowed at least 11 Dole Whips.


He has CLASS!!!


With a heavy handed splash of rum??


This is cute! Love Disney and their ideas!


NO! What next? Allowing the presidents to wander wherever they wish?


Looks like he is a long way from being free. Come on guys, spread the word to give him a taste of MK.


Oh, Please not that!


Well they still let Clinton and both Bush’s roam about and that peanut farmer is still trying to save the world so why not Abe and the rest of the boys…

ps: I actually like Carter so no grief please.


…we have “the Presidents” running around Nats field every year!!! They don’t see very well though…:laugh::laugh:


I see they finally let Teddy win. I seem to recall hearing they’re adding a fifth president this year.


Yep—they added Taft this year!! :smile:

It was pretty funny when Teddy finally “won” last fall. :laugh::laugh:


He still has quite a ways to go!


Really nice but what will the Goat do when it free.


One of the things Billy the Disney Goat did was to ride Killamanjaro Safari


There are no accents from Jersey :laugh: