Free wi fi


One of the most requested Walt Disney World Resort wishes is coming true from today. FREE Wireless “in-room” internet access will be available for the following resorts beginning today.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
Disney’s Beach Club Resort
Disney’s BoardWalk Resort
Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Disney’s Old Key West Resort
Disney’s Polynesian Resort
Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort


Buzz, we’re already on this.
Turnwrench posted a similar thread earlier. And considering that I’ll be checking in to CSR next Thursday, I’ll be very happy to save $50.


The title threw me. Thanks!


Hey Buzz, do you actually live in town or are you just a super fan of CSR.
Are you a CM there?
If so, stop by and say hi.
We’re in from Thursday through Tuesday.


No, just a fan. I live in CT. I have friends that fill in the blanks for me. Have a great trip! 19 more days until I arrive but we are staying at POR with friends this time. I owe them a stay at their favorite resort.


Oh well, much as I’d like to hang out for two additional weeks in Central Florida, I can’t.



Complimentary Wi-Fi Tested
Walt Disney World Resort has announced that it will be making complimentary wireless internet (Wi-Fi) service available in the rooms at a number of its hotels as of October 14. The hotels are: Animal Kingdom Lodge; Beach Club; BoardWalk; Contemporary; Coronado Springs; Grand Floridian Resort and Spa; Old Key West; Polynesian; Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa; Wilderness Lodge; and the Yacht Club. To connect to the network using a wireless-enabled device (e.g. laptop, cell phone, etc.), you’ll notice a network option labeled “Guest - Access (unsecured)”. When you click on that option, you will be taken to a screen that prompts you to accept the terms and conditions. After accepting the terms and conditions, you’ll have complimentary Wi-Fi access. Note that for cell phone users, cellular carriers AT and T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and MetroPCS are covered for Wi-Fi access. Complimentary in-room wired internet will also be available at these resorts until Octobert 24. If the testing for complimentary Wi-Fi is successful, the free availability will continue in the future. This will not affect the status of Disney Vacation Club members, who currently receive complimentary Wi-Fi.
allears reporting its only for 10 days but if successful it will continue. One has to assume it will be successful.

High-Speed Internet Access at the Walt Disney World Resorts


[QUOTE=buzz2001;1093495] One has to assume it will be successful.


I’d be careful on assuming anything these days.
They put in place wireless infrastructure for a 10 day pilot?
Or is this a tease and then they’ll charge just the same as they do for wired access?
I remember in 2006 we got free internet in the Contemporary in October, but that seemed to be coincident with the finish of the refurb project and not long before they razed the north wing for BLT. That didn’t last for long though.
Well, we can hope they continue to offer free internet.


I heard from another source that the allears info is not accurate and that the free wi fi is here to stay so I guess only time will tell.


I’ll update after I check in Thursday Buzz.
I was thinking as I was driving today that it’s an awful lot of effort for a 10 day trial.
Look at the list, everything except for CBR, Port Orleans, the All Stars, and Pop.
That’s a big chunk of change, even if they’re just renting the technology packages for a month.
I’ll even bet you that World of Animation will open already equipped with WiFi infrastructure.

(I have the feeling of deja vu, as if I’ve already shared these thoughts.:wacko:)


Yes, all ears has updated their info to now read that the WIRED internet is free until 10/24 but the Wi fi will continue permanently.


Free wired through the 24th?
That’s great! (For me anyway)
I prefer wired to wireless because it is faster almost every time.
Wireless can be fast, but it the protocol itself does not allow for a speed beyond the current spec. The wired connection will be at 100 mbS.



Well, the CM at CSR who checked me in said that wired internet was going to remain free there as well. The condition being that you need to have a credit card tied to the room for incidentals, even though you will not be charged.
I went wireless the whole time.
I did have a minor issue at first that was easily, though seemingly not rapidly enough, fixed.
It involved the connection software for my Linksys card automatically assuming the connection was encrypted and asking me for a key that didn’t exist.
I was led through steps to make the connection unencrypted and then everything was fine.

One glitch that I didn’t appreciate was the network blocking South Park Studios on the grounds it was offensive. This meant I was unable to stream episodes of South Park.
This is minor, and I understand why Disney would wish to block sites like this, but, I am an adult and I sought out that site.