Free wifi for DVC members at DVC resorts?


Is it too much to ask, or impossible, to request or suggest that DVC members, when staying at DVC resorts, receive gratis WiFi service in their rooms? After seeing the other wifi thread it really made me think that perhaps this is something we should expect from our membership and maybe inclusive of our annual dues?

What do you guys think?

Even in the “community centers” at the DVC resorts they have computers but no internet, I made sure to check when I was at OKW last week. You’d think AT LEAST those two computers would be available for guests to use for the internet.


WDW has been slow to incorporate a lot of the hotel percs we’ve all come to expect while traveling. Sure doesn’t hurt to bring it up. Do you have anyplace you can write suggestions?


I agree with you 100% Wish. They don’t do it, because they know they don’t have to. They’ve got you anyway. It’s things like this - as much as I love Disney - that really irk me. We show our loyalty to them by investing in their company - I think that we should get a little special treatment now and then, in return. Yes, the discounted AP is nice - but that’s about the only real perk I can think of. Another gripe of mine is the limited television stations. I’ll miss the entire 2nd week of the US Open because it’s on USA network, not ESPN - and heaven forbid any sport network be shown except ESPN!!!


Yeah, I don’t know if ‘internet service’ is considered a service that would be covered under our annual dues but it seems like it could be. I think I am going to call and ask, and where maybe I could write a letter to suggest it.


Now more and more hotels are going Free WiFi they are making their guests happier and they keep coming back.

Doesn’t the contempory have free internet access or something like that?


I think in the “WiFi” thread they were discussing this. I started this thread as a branch off of that 'cause it seems like free internet might be something we’d want to lobby for as DVC members who pay annual dues. I think it’s amusing that there are COMPUTERS in DVC Community Centers for members to use… but there is no internet on them. :confused:


Really I didn’t know that. Thanks


I asked about this when we were at the SSR. I was told that we are suppose to be getting away, not working, or whatever else we do?


Using my bullhorn… “you are on vacation… step away from the computer. Post your trip report when you get home!” :laugh:


We were told the same thing at the DVC property in Hilton Head, however…we had wifi in the community/gameroom which worked out fine for our big group 916 of us). We all gathered in the gameroom for the kids to play pool & games while we sat, visited, watched TV and surfed the net.
It’d be nice if the DVC at WDW would offer the same type of thing…free wifi in a community area…so your vacation doesn’t become a “working vacation” and we can still chat with our MB friends!


Just to clarify, I don’t even use my computer for work purposes and it wasn’t necessarily even the intent to be “trip reporting” on my vacation. I like to have access to the internet for directions, looking up phone numbers we might need, various WDW information, etc… I can survive without it obviously I just thought it was a luxury that could possibly be expected as a DVC member. I WILL say that having the WiFi in our GRand CAlifornian room was EXTREMELY helpful especially since we aren’t THAT familiar with the Southern California area.


My attempt at humor. :blush:

I do get it and if they offered the access, I’d probably bring my computer. It isn’t so important that I need to pay the daily access fee though.

I’d imagine the added cost of the infrastructure/network and especially maintenance/administration of the access codes is a serious consideration.