Freezer in the refrigerators?


Does anyone know for sure if there is a small freezer compartment in the room refrigerators, specifically at POFQ? I have back problems, especially being so pregnant, and I wanted to bring some ice packs to keep in my room for when we get back at night. Any ideas?


Yes, there’s a small freezer in each fridge. It’s small, it holds a couple of ice trays or maybe 4 bottles of water but you should be able to store some ice packs in it.


We had a fridge at POFQ 3 years ago that they delivered for free. This was when they were first rolling them out as standard in mods. It was supposed to already be in the room, but we had to request it.

Anyway, I’m getting old, and my memory is blurry, but I THINK ours had a separate compartment. I THINK I turned it as cold as it would go, and I THINK that froze us some water bottles that stayed cold until mid-day in 80 degree heat. I THINK I also remember things like milk in the regular part, that were close to the freezer, getting a little icey.

So I THINK you could plan on very cold, almost frozen, but maybe not as frozen as you’d have at home. I THINK:wacko:

Did that help? And it looks like while I’ve been typing, DT confirmed my memory.


The refrigerators have really small freezer compartments that can hold perhaps one or two small reusable ice packs or possibly one of those blue ice things. You might get better results using a hot water bottle loaded with ice from the ice machine. At least you’ll have a better supply of cooling media than if you try to freeze yourself.
I have also seen these little refrigerators ice over inside if set all the way down, but not always. If this happens, yes, most of what’s in the box will frezze.


I think if you use the gel packs those are flexible once at room temp. and would easily fit in the freezer area. We found that the fridge at OKW was turned down so low that the NON freezer area was freezing our water bottles and actually caused a soda can to freeze and explode (not pretty). OF course we have had other fridges such as at POP that hardly kept things cold… so it all depends I guess.


Yes there are freezers and we have had a bad refrigerator and some good refrigerators.


I’ve had the same experience, some bad freezer/refrigerators, some good.

On my trip a few years back, I had a severely sprained ankle and I brought those packs that are room temperature and then you crack them to activate the cool and then throw away when you are done and they worked pretty well.


^Same here. Had to have them replace ours at CBR last year because it wouldn’t cool anything.


yes there is a small one, although ours did not work properly this last time.


:blush: OMG! I must have been walking in fairy dust – I don’t remember a freezer in ours the last time. :blush:

It would be nice to have a working one for an occasional ice cream!