French president visits Disney with ex-model


I know, it’s a knee jerk response whenever the words “visit” and “Disney” are combined, our first reaction is to think WDW.
No, they didn’t travel that far. They went to Disneyland Paris.
No comment beyond that:

Sarkozy’s Disney date with singer -

PARIS, France (AP) – Recently divorced French President Nicolas Sarkozy doesn’t appear to be hiding his latest love interest.
Sarkozy’s office has refused to comment on the status of the two.

He visited Disneyland Paris with supermodel-turned-singer Carla Bruni this weekend, the respected weekly L’Express reported on its Web site Sunday.

Three magazines will run images of the two in this week’s editions, L’Express said. The president’s office would not comment on the status of the two.

But the daily Le Figaro, seen as close to the conservative president, is running a front-page image of the Italian-French Bruni on Monday over the headline “Carla Bruni: The President’s Girlfriend.”

The two visited Disneyland on Saturday, when the park was thronged with visitors, L’Express reported.

Several photographers were reportedly on hand and openly snapped the pair, who seemed at ease with the attention


Uh - ok…:confused:

I hope they had fun!


:laugh: I would imagine a “date” at any Disney Park would be fun!


She’da had a better time if she went with me.
I do parades, you know.


I have to admit, when I first saw this topic, I automatically thought WDW too!

I guess when the Magic Kingdom is so ingrained in your life, you think WDW anytime anyone mentions Disney, right?!:laugh:


:laugh: And so it begins…again…:eek:


I’m just thinking “Who cares?” here. Anyone else with me on that?


I just thought it was interesting. Is that so wrong?


No this story was not so wrong to post. Maybe people shold Google Carla Bruni and President Nicolas Sarkozy, Its like Beauty and the Beast. but if you consider her past dates Mick Jagger and Donald Trump. well she might not just be intrested in there good looks.

Disneyland Paris needs all the publicity it can get.


Yeah. I guess all those romantic Paris restaurants must all have been booked that day… :laugh: