French Quarter Lobby Refurb?


I received a letter yesterday from Disney saying that the lobby at the French Quarter will be under refurbishment during our stay in 3 weeks. I didn’t notice anything about it on the refurb lists…
We have visited during resort refurbishments before, but never with such short notice about it, and a letter was never sent before…
Is this typical to get a letter this close to our stay? Should I be concerned about it being more disruptive than usual?


No matter what Disney does in regards to refurbs, they are done to cause little disruption. I can’t see how this would effect you trip in any way, so don’t worry about it.

I go to the front desk twice - to check in and make sure check out went smooth. Everything else can be handled via the phone in my room or my cell phone. It really won’t have any bearing on your stay.

If this is a super huge turn off for you, call reservation and ask them to move you. They will do it.


If it’s just the lobby area—I wouldn’t worry about it at all. I never even go through that area except to check in and check out…you can always call the front desk if you just have a question.

I thought that they just refurbished POFQ last year? I didn’t see that the lobby needed any work done when we were there last summer. Perhaps it’s just a fresh coat of paint or something? :slight_smile:


I’m sure it’ll be of no concern. There are lots of entryways in and out without having to use the lobby.


Apparently, it will be through June too. I’m going in mid June and got the same letter.


I found this on a blog/website…doesn’t say much but the only thing effected looks like checkin…it will be moved across next to Scat Cats…

Thu 4th Apr 2013: POFQ Lobby Refurbishment due to start 15 May 2013

As I posted a month ago, this spring will see Port Orleans French Quarter’s turn to be given a brand new look for its main registration lobby area, similar to the work completed over at Riverside last summer.

I can now confirm that the work is due to commence on 15 May 2013 and should be completed by mid-July. As always, please remember that work schedules can shift a little, but that’s the best information I have at the moment. More details on the estimated completion date should be available in June.

During the period while the current lobby area is closed, all checkin and guest service functions will take place at the old Bonfamille’s Café restaurant, just across the central atrium next to Scat Cat’s Club - so when you enter the main atrium, you’ll need to turn left rather than right.

Again…not my words but the Internet…


If it’s through mid-June, sounds like the work will be more extensive then a fresh coat of paint, but still it’s the lobby. The food courts etc is in a total different area. When Disney does a refurb, they do it with as little interruption as possible. I can’t see this being a problem. If it was the one and only pool being done, that would be more of an issue I think.