Frequesnt fly miles


How do U obtain them? Is there a secret that I dont know about? I always hear everyone say that they will use their miles. I wanna know where can I get them at??


Actually you have to accumulate them. What you do is sign up for an airlines frequent flyer program, and then every time you travel with that airline, you bank the miles as points, after a certain amount of points you can turn them in for flights. Like with Northwest, after 25,000 miles you have enough for a round trip ticket. SW does it a bit differently, its the number of flights, not miles. Delta has a plan too. I am sure others do as well.


i’m not sure how it works in the states but in Canada we have frequent flyer programs with the Airlines (Aeroplan with air-canada) and a seperate program (Air Miles)… we can gain miles off flights but also purchases… Visa has an agreement with aeroplan and Mastercard has an agreement with Airmiles and when you buy things you accumulate miles… some merchants also offer these points as bonuses notably safeway!


I signed up for the OnePass with Continental. Also, I registered my Shop Rite card and get points on the frequent flyer account that way, too. Hey, in a few years I can fly 1st class while my DH and DSs fly standard (like that’ll ever happen!).


You can also sign up for a Credit Union [enter service hear] card. If you charge $1 you get one mile. You pay $25 a year to keep it active, so if you plan a major remodel or pay all your bills with visa, it will add up fast. The only way it benefits you is if you pay off your [enter service hear] card and avoid interest charges. Otherwise, don’t accumulate debt and just save for the trip. Your better off without it since the mileage expires after so many years. If you travel for business, get an account with your airline. The problem is you must only fly with that carrier or its associates to accumulate miles. I recommend save and enjoy debt free/hassle free travel.


Thanks guys for the info. What really sucks is that I book with South west and have their program. I book and pay all the time for 4 of us RT and only get credit for me. I need 8 more credits for a free trip


I have found SWs program not worth it. The miles expire after 12 months. I don’t fly that airline often enough. I have a credit card that has a traveler’s advantage program. It’s a visa through my credit union. I get 1 mile for every $ and we pu everything on it - camp, major purchases etc. It has no fees, and I can book any ticket I want that is available to the general public - no blackout days - in exchange for 25,000 (as long as the ticket is under $400) or I can get $100 off a ticket in exchange for 10,000 miles.