Friday or Saturday for 1st SWW?


Do you guys think that for the first SWW Friday will be more crowded because it’s the very first day, or Saturday will be more crowded because it’s the weekend? I’m trying to decide which day would be best.


They both will be crowded…but I would go with Friday…because it is still a weekday! :slight_smile:

Have fun! I wish I could go!


I would thinkg the bulk of the crowds would be on Saturday instead of Friday. I voted for Friday.


You may think this is a stupid ? but… What is SWW?


Duh! Never mind. Star Wars Weekends. lol


I agree that Friday would have to be better than Saturday. I figure at least some fans have to work day jobs, right?


Yeah, some people have jobs:whistling:


They may both be empty. Everyone’s gonna be at the movie theatres watching Episode III!!!


I think Friday will have less crowds than Saturday, and it will be AWESOME to be there opening day!


Empressjenny, we went on Sunday of the first weekend last year and it was not crowded at all. Very managable crowds. Didn’t even use FP for TOT and RNR.


Opening Day…plus people work and go to school on Friday–so sat will surely be busier…


they do have Star Wars Weekend activities on Sundays right…i am asking bc we are planning to go on a Sunday…


I think Friday will be less crowded.