Friday the 13th


Hey all. Disney Hollywood Studios is hosting the “Villain Invasion” on Friday the 13th in September. This is a free after hours event. Who’s going? ME!! Being the huge villain fan I am, this is honestly something I am looking forward to. While there in January and May this year, there really wasn’t a “Limited time Magic” to experience, so this is exciting for me!


Sarah is going to be so jealous when I tell her. This is one event I love to go to. The villians are so cool.


I will be sure to post on Facebook as the night progresses. Feel free to share my pics with her.:heart:


I will. Thank you!:happy:


I’ll be there on Friday Dec 13th. I hope they do something then also. This sounds really cool.


Im sooooo sad. We leave that day! =(


I’m jealous!