Fridges Coming to Mods and Deluxes


Just a FYI, Disney has starting a 5 month long rollout equipping rooms in the moderate and deluxe resorts with refrigerators.


Does that mean all rooms in Mods and Deluxe’s will have fridges?? Is there a charge?? When does it start??

DL hotel has always had fridges in all their rooms no extra charge!!! Lots of hotels do, I think it is great!!!


It sounds like it is becoming an amenity, and they should.


Wish they started it months ago. We wound up spending $100 extra for a fridge in our room for 10 days at CBR. I don’t think $10.00 a day is too much, but would be nice if it was included with the other amenities.


Sounds like a great perk!


Could be just a reason to raise the prices!? Joe


Ditto to that…as much as you pay, I always thought it was a ripoff for them to charge you $10 a day to use a fridge when almost all properties off site have them in the room for free.


Fridges were one reason that we stayed off site this trip. Since most hotels off site offered them, why would/should I have to pay for one. This is great news.


I would take advantage of a fridge, I could leave my cooler at home.

But… I really don’t want the price to increase.


I always thoguht that WDW should include them in the rooms. A lot of hotels already do. Glad to hear this. Hope it’s in when I go in January. It will be nice to save the $60 or so that I would have spent. :mickey:


They are probably adding them during refurb. Has anyone stayed in a refurbed room, and noticed a frige?? This is starting to sound too good to be true.


None in POFQ aftr they refurbished there.


Yes, fridges are definitely a necessity. That’s where I put all of my glow sticks and necklaces :happy: The only thing that gets me is when they put the candy, food, and beverages in those mini fridges. You want to have one but… they cost, like, 5 dollars for just a water bottle!