Ok, I have NO idea if this has been discussed, as I didn’t see a thread labeled this in a quick search.

I’m staying at POFQ in June and am bringing 3 of the 5 kids w/ me. In 08 I stayed here and was NOT happy about the fridge situation. It wasn’t cool at all, the hotel staff said it worked fine. Luke warm Mt Dew is NOT fine people! :pinch: Ok and I couldn’t get milk to keep in the fridge for my then 1 yr old and so forth.

If there a secret to these things? I kept the outer door open a bit for ventilation, etc. Nope, didn’t work. I’ve heard other people complain too.

I would like to get the packages of cereals in a bowl (Cinnamon Toast Crunch etc) that all I need to do it add milk and a spoon, yogurt, etc for snacks and b-fast. Am I wasting my money or what? Are all the fridges like this? Btw on our trip we had joined rooms w/ my in laws and theirs wasn’t any better.


I stayed at POR in January and our fridge was cold. Of course, it was 30 degrees out, and 60 in our room, so the fridge may not have had to work as hard… :laugh:

But seriously, our fridge worked. I’m surprised the hotel staff didn’t react a little better to your warm fridge than just “it works fine.”


Yes our fridges have always been OK too. I would have carried on complaining until they gave me a working one, sometimes it depends on which CM takes the complaint.


We have had good luck with the fridges too. We were at POFQ in December and the fridge worked fine.


If they won’t listen, just take one their garbage cans in the room and put a clean bag in it and take all the Ice from their Ice Machines!!!

Oh wait we only did that for BEER , I guess it would work with Milk?


We were in POFQ in 2008 and our fridge worked well. We too bring cereal and we store milk and orange juice in our fridge. We were at CBR in 2009 and it worked well also. It sounds like you probably just had a bad fridge. I would have put another complaint in, they are portable and they should have been able to bring you a new one.


I love English!:laugh:

OK, on topic, I think over time all of our fridges have worked well enough, but if they haven’t, we’ve simply called and complained once (no repeat calls that is) and gotten a resolution of the problem.


Always had a fridge whereever we have stayed and never had any problems. If there are any problems with anything, one phone call seems to be all it takes to have the problem solved. Im surprised at how they handled your fridge situation, I could have just kept going on at them until something was done about it, either a fridge or room change.


I have no idea why it was labeled “it should be fine”. Dh said to let it drop and we’d just buy our munchkin milk every am. It was also like 100* out then so maybe that’s why it was struggling? Though dh had the a/c set at 75/76*.

I’m usually the one to complain and get results, but alas, dh called and he hates to make waves. Insert eye roll here.

I read on Allears reviews that there had been issues before w/ fridges. Maybe mine was an older one? Who knows.

AS for the trash can w/ ice…umm dh was seriously thinking about that for his Mt. Dew, but then thought the Mousekeeper might toss it. :laugh:


AS for the trash can w/ ice…umm dh was seriously thinking about that for his Mt. Dew, but then thought the Mousekeeper might toss it. :laugh:[/QUOTE]

Honestly , they won’t bother it. We have done it several times. We just refill the Ice every other day.