I know alot of resorts do not have fridges at the moment. Does anyone know if Pop has them? I am contemplating getting cream for coffee(I just cant do the powder stuff) and some bottled water and maybe some beer. I don’t want to get it if the fridges aren’t in the room. Thanks!


Last time we were at Pop the fridge was $10/night. They deliver it to your room if you request one.


We stayed at Pop last weekend. The fridge in the room had been disconnected and had a sign on it saying it had been disconnected for safety reasons and not to reconnect it. Apparently, most of the Deluxes have gotten their new fridges so maybe by the time you go, Pop will have gotten theirs.


Mmmm here’s hoping. I really hate non dairy creamer lol


…reading all the reviews online, it looks as if Pop Century has small refrigerators in their rooms now…

Do be extra sure, you can always call and ask before hand. I don’t use the powdered creamers either—but I also never use the coffee makers in any hotel room. I just walk up to the food court for my coffee fix. :slight_smile:


All rooms come standard with a fridge now. That being said, they are all being pulled and replaces due to a recall. They are estimating it will take until the end of 2013 to do this. Pop Century does not currently have them.


But I know you will personally make sure this situation is fixed by the time I get there, right? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

(Not worried. I’ll have a cooler and I’m not afraid of walking to an ice machine. I’ll live with or without.)

The craziest thing? For it to take the six months it is taking, that’s about 140 fridges replaced a day. /nerd moment


Really??? Sweet.


CSR’s fridge replacement should be completed by this weekend.

No RFID mugs yet


I was mailed a letter that AoA will not have them during our visit, which is early September.


New update, CSR is complete. All fridges have been replaced.


Got a letter and spoke to POFQ - no fridges yet. Will update if we see changes this week :slight_smile:


All we use them for is leftover cake and bottled water.


Thanks Zoey. Am hoping that you get them. If not, really hoping that they are there by the time we get there.


We are used to having to request and pay for a fridge if we wanted one—they didn’t used to even offer them except for medical reasons.

I could do without one if I have too…we only put water bottles in there…it’s a shame about the recall though—what a pain.


We had a working fridge building 5 of POFQ :slight_smile:


I got a letter pofq will not have them when we get there if we absolutely need it call them.


Coronado Springs is fully done. Pop is in the middle of being changed and supposedly Riverside is just about done. POFQ is being worked on with no exact date for completion. They are ahead of schedule actually.


I got one for medical reasons


Good thing I have injectable medication that needs to be kept refrigerated.
I believe they still have to come up with one for you in these cases.
If not, we travel with a cube shaped cooler anyway.