Friends of ours are meeting us at WDW and they have NO ADR's at Xmas!


I am flipping out on this one! We found out friends of ours are going to WDW 12/23-28 and we are going 12/18-26!

I have all my ADRs booked etc etc, only thing I did not book was our carriage ride and that is kinda up in the air if we will do it or not still.

Anyhow! Shr said she has NOTHING booked:eek: :eek: :pinch: I said , you better get your stuff in gear and get booking! She has had no time the kids are always around. I told her to figureout were she wants to eat 2or 3 places and times and I will do it while she works ( she is a teacher).
So she is borrowing my book to look at restaurants and that.
I thought I better take the bull by the horns and see what I can do for her, while we are there together.

Let me know if they are good to eat atI have not eatten at any of the 3.

12/24 dinner we are at Hoop Dee Doo at 5pm ,they are at Trails End at 5:40

12/25 lunch we are at LTT at 11:40 they are atTony’s at11:40

12/25 dinner we are at CP at 5:30they are atThe Plaza at 5:35

We tried to have them in the same area and time frame , however I also noticed when i called they had basiclly nothing left except 3pm dinners or 9pm dinners.

Did I make good choices for them with places to eat? I figure if they don’t like them they can cancel them.
not sure what they plan to do the other days, they have DDP. 2 boys ages 10, and 6 any suggestion???

She could not believe how organized I was:blush: :happy: and i could not believe how unorganized she was!:blink:

I just want to take her trip and book all her stuff , its driving me nuts!


I think your choices are great. I wouldn’t want to eat dinner that early, but hey, if that’s all that’s left…

You are a good friend to make sure she doesn’t have to eat off the snack carts at that time of year :happy:


I think considering what you had to work with you made good choices. Some folks just have NO IDEA what a trip to WDW en-tales.


Whew! I never really hear anything about the Plaza or that Trail End so I was not sure what to do! I figure at least she is eatting and sitting down as you said and not eatting off food carts.

What do you think she can get for dinner at the other places/parks this late in the game??? 2 adults/2kids
she still has december 26th-28th to book meals


I can tell you that the food at Trails End Buffet is really good! I wonder if they will have a special menu for Dec. 24th? It wont be fancy…but it is sit down, service has always been good, and the food is great! Tony’s gets mixed reviews, but we really liked our experience there.


As far as the other parks go… I would suggest 50’s Primetime at MGM for a nice sit down experience. Epcot has some really nice places in the World Showcase also.


Some people will never learn!!

Thank goodness she has a great find like you who’s willing to help.


I sitll don’t think has grasped how much she needs to do this.

I sent her a email at work and told her I booked 3 places for her. she said , oh thats so nice of you. I thought if I don’t do this we will not be eatting together ever at least we are in the same area.

She thought she would be able to get into HDD on xmas Eve:huh: .

So anyhow she is coming over here after work Thursday and we are going to get her all set. with ADRs, dining packages etc ( if there is any left!).

Hopefully she will read this book I am sending home with her and the highlighted spots.

She is going for 5 days, DDP for 4 people I am going for 8 days with 6 people and my package is still cheaper! She even booked thru her husbands friend who is a TA. Think I am going to see what kinda price Keith or Scott can give her, if she has not paid it in full yet.


We like the Plaza Restaurant, it’s simple food but very good and the service has always been excellent.


Trails End keeps popping up all over the boards! I keep hearing so much good stuff about this place that I just have to figure out a way to get one more trip in to WDW.


When we went at Christmas we didn’t book anything until the 18th December and still got a reservation at Citricos ( Grand Flo ) for Christmas night.

Obviously if you want to go to the Hoop-de-Doo or similar then you must book as soon as you can. Otherwise the Resort restaurants are a good bet.

If your friends want to go off-Disney then I’d recommend the Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede. Food is better than most of the other dinner shows and it’s great fun too.


I think I just had a heart attack…holy crap. Are they insane?:ohmy:


I have noticed over and over that that the guest who fail to plan are usually the ones who end of having really negative experiences at WDW. Some of my friends who work guest relations have described many a guest who get down there, and had no clue the scope of WDW and the crowds.

I have talked to co-workers and others who tell me they are going to WDW and haven’t made ADRS and read a guidebook. I tell people to plan like you are going to a foreign country you know nothing about. It makes me sad because I know their experience is going to be less than magical because they are going in unprepared.

I’m a cast member and still utilize this website and, not mention the many great guidebooks out there to plan really great trips.

You are good friend trying to help make sure your friend had a good trip. That week is one of the hardest to get ADRS.


You are a VERY good friend! It will make all the differenece to them. We had a family here in town that went last spring break. They told me about 2 months before going about their trip. I started asking questions and realized they had done no planning. I immediately started giving suggestions. When they got back they said my advice made all the difference. So, I’ve learned to just jump in and start letting the advice roll, if they don’t take it fine. But at least I can say I tried.


You may have to meet her for things other than meals…