From Disney to Airport


This question concerns my brother-in-law. He and his family will be going to Disney with us, but our transportation needs differ. They will have a rental car to drive down and stay with us at my parents for a fews days on the gulf coast. Then we all drive to Disney (seperate cars). Once in Orlando, he will turn in his rental car.

My family will be returning to my parents’ home, but my brother-in-law’s family have a return to flight (7:00 AM). They will need transportation from POFQ to the airport.

What is the best way for them to get to the airport?

I appreciate all input.


This is like one of them SAT questions that always got me flustered…

Hope someone knows…


Personally, I think the best way is using a car service. One of the best is Quicksilver Transportation.

Here is a link to their website:

Orlando airport transportation and Disney World transportation.

They are wonderful to deal with. If you want reviews just type “quicksilver” into the search box on MB and you can look through all of the threads.


I think that they should be able to use ME just for the return to the airport. I would call and ask them.


ME if they are staying on site at Disney resort (but it will be an EARLY pickup!), Quicksilver (link on MB homepage) for 1 way pickup, or you can actually rent from National/Alamo onsite the night before then drop it off at the airport.

I go for Quicksilver.


If they are staying on Disney property and decide to utilize the ME - they will have to leave their hotel at like 4am - Disney does not in way shape or form want to be responsible for missed flights so you have to head to the airport at like three hours a head of time or something, sooo… try the car service for sure! :blush:


A taxi or a towncar would work out best for them. I would suggest the towncar. Try tiffany’s towncar or quicksilver.