From Disney World to Universal Studios?


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My boyfriend and I are making an impromptu trip to the World for mostly rest and relaxation. We weren’t planning on doing any parks at all, but seeing that neither of us has ever been to Universal or IoA, we thought we might hop over there for a day. The question is, though, HOW do we get ther from Disney World? I don’t really want to take a taxi that will cost a fortune…Are there shuttles from the hotels near DTD?



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We rented a car in 06 to make that trip and they were about twenty five minutes apart. Down the main highway, google or mapquest before you go. Or better yet rent a convertible with a gps, now that is rest and relaxation.:cool:


I don’t know about transportation from DTD but many people chose to rent a car for the day. It ends up being less expensive than a taxi or private transfers if you get a compact or sub compact.

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I would suggest you give quicksilver a call
Toll Free: 1-888-GO-TO-WDW (468-6939) - USA and Canada

here is an example pulled from their site=


                       One way       Roundtrip 

Universal Studios $ 40.00 $ 70.00

here is the web site link if you want any more info.

Orlando airport transportation and Disney World transportation.

I have used them a number of times and found them to be very friendly and helpful.

I hope this answers your question, enjoy your trip.

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When you’re figuring your costs to compare the two options (rental and taxi) make sure you add in the cost of parking at Universal too.