From the allears newsletter!


The newsletter just arrived in my mailbox and this, I thought, was great information:

Diane shares: Don’t be afraid to use GoLynx, the public buses serving Orlando. Using the No. 50 gets you to Seaworld and I-Drive from the Ticket and Transportation Center and Downtown Disney. The No. 111 is a direct bus to the Florida Mall. It’s cheap, reliable and punctual, and way cheaper than shuttles or taxis.


oh wow…great info. I never knew that. Thank you for posting this.


I never knew about that. Thanks for the info!


Oh that is very good to know!


Great information to know! I’ve seen the Lynx buses all over Orlando but never knew that any of the routes served the T&TC or DtD.


Very good info. to have! Now I just have to get Mr. Go to agree to leave Disney property.:laugh::laugh:

Thanks for posting Dopey!