Front of monorail


We’ve never been able to get in the front of a monorail, with the driver. Some family seems to always have a special way to get that coveted spot … fill me in! I’d love for us (family of 5) to ride up front at least once, is it possible?:confused:


You just have to ask. If there is no one at the front gate you have a good chance of getting it. You can always wait for the next Monorail in order to ride up front too. But, I think the maximum allowed up front with the driver is 4. I could be wrong though…


In the past, we just asked if we could sit up front. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it did not. The worse thing they can say is no.


It is very possible, we do it several times every trip. We aren’t usually in a hurry so we are willing to wait for the next monorail and that usually works for us. My son usually asks every time we ride and I would say we get the front 3 out of 5 times.

Secondly, only 4 can ride in the front and they don’t bend the rules.


We have rode with the driver just once and it was amazing- it was mid afternoon though and there was hardly anyone else waiting for the monorail- I guess we were just there at the right time.


Hmmm, good info. I guess I’ll have DH ride with the kids … I don’t mind.


Is it just me or does anyone else feel the Monorail could use a dose of Fabreeze? It always has a funky smell to me!!Still love it though…the ride not the smell!


I was happy to notice that funky smell gone at Christmas. The monorails we rode over Christmas didn’t that smell ( and I think the carpet was gone but I may be dreaming). I had read it the smell came form the glue used on the carpet.


We usually are willing to wait for the next one as well. The key is to be polite and ask. We have seen many people rush the driver, in an effort to get in front, only to be turned away.


You’re right, you have to be nice about it. We always ask the first CM we come to and he directs us to an area to wait.


I second just asking. It may just be every time you’ve asked before they’ve just been full…it happens lots of people love to ride in the front. Unfortunately there are no secrets or tricks to it other than just asking…and possibly if you have some time just wait around for another one to come through and ask again.


You just have to ask. :mellow:

Asking politely also helps… :laugh:

Same thing with getting in the front of the rollercoaster.

Just ask. Be nice. Be willing to wait. :wub:


We are also a family of five and I always thought they would only let parties of four ride up front so I never asked. Imagine my surprise when a CM at Disneyland asked me if we would like to sit in front. I was thrilled because I thought we would never be able to do this. I’m not sure if the front of the monorails are configured any different at WDW but we had plenty of room at DLR.


Yes, the Monorails are configured differently. There is def. enough space in the WDW Monorails to fit more than four, but that is all they allow. I know the ones at DLR have different rules. I believe it has to do with the amount of weight they allow in the “nose” area of the Monorail.:huh:


I think WDW is much more strict. We walked to a monorail CM once about it and he said they don’t let 5 even if they are all kids because a family of 5 adult sized people could see a group of 5 small kids get out and argue over it. He said the front car only holds the driver and 4 adults.


There’s plenty of room for more than 4, but they absolutely will not bend the rules. I thought we could slip by when Ty was only 2, but they said absolutely no. DH rode by himself so that the rest of us could ride up front though.

Just ask nicely and be willing to wait.


They do only have room for 4 passengers in the front of the monorail. Our first visit on the way to the Princess Tea the CM asked me if my daughter and I wanted to ride up front. This last visit my boys asked the pilot and they rode with him and then another day my dh, ds,ds, and, dd rode together I begged off because I had done it before.


We lucked out. Got in the front on our last trip.

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We have ridden up front. We just asked the CM working the gate, and he said he would check with the driver, but could make no promises. He checked, driver said yes… and away we went. Very cool!


I totally agree. It always smells like a cow barn to me. And I am a country girl, I know what a cow barn smells like!:blink: