Front row for Soarin


We were lucky enough to always get the front row for Soarin the first few times we rode, then, on our last ride, we didn’t. Seeing the dangling feet of the people above us definitely tainted the experience for us.
Question: when it is our turn to get in a line can we ask the CM if we can wait for the next turn for a front row? :angel:


Never be afraid to ask! They probably hear it all the time. It may just be luck of the draw if they’re willing to accomodate you or not.

For me, the feet hanging are no worse than seeing the top of the screen I’m not picky about where I sit on Soarin’. :happy:


Couldn’t hurt to ask.
I’ve been on Soarin’ 4-5 times and have always just happened to be in the front row. Weird.


I always get on the front row. I just tell the CM that I am willing to wait for the next ride if necessary and I have always been accomodated.


The first time we rode we got second row. I barely noticed the dangling feet. The man who sat next to me smelled like he slept in a barn cuddled up next to a goat (no offense to Erin). I rode the whole ride with my face buried in DH’s armpit which smelled tons better and that’s saying a lot!


We did and it was no problem. They let the people behind us go where we were supposed to and put in front on the next one.


Surprisingly, that is one thing that has never happened to me in all the times I have been there - thank God! You would think on hot days it would be a big problem.
Hopefully, it will never happen again to you. :pinch:


Eeeuw! One of the last times I rode I was next to a VERY LARGE man who thought that his size entitled him to half of my seat, too. He didn’t even try to keep to himself. RUDE!


We were in the front center row the first time we went on Soarin’ and the second time I chickened out asking for a front row. It wasn’t as good and this time I’m asking if I can wait for a front row.


if you do not sit in the front row is it less intense i am having doubts aobut trying it i am afraid of heights.


I agree the front row is the best, but really, any row is fine. I’ve been in all three. You still see everything and smell everything. Just don’t look at the feet above you.


I’ve done both and prefer the front row… but if you let me go back today I will ride in the second row!! : )


With all due respect, you’re all wrong. THE PLACE to ride Soarin’, either Florida or California is the second row of the middle section. If you ride closer to the sides either in the left of left or right of right, you get the Back to the Future effect where you can see the curve of the projection surface. If you get in the first or third row, that is, top or bottom, again you aren’t in the middle of the projection area. The sweet spot is the middle row of the middle section because this flies you right into the center of the screen. This way, you see all of the images undistorted by being on the edges. As for feet, they don’t really hand in your view unless you’re looking up instead of forward.


AMEN! I completely agree that the middle row is by far the best! The dangling feet were not a distraction at all for me or the rest of our group. If you concentrate on the scenery on the screen it is definitely more realistic in the middle row. I was much more distracted by the bottom of the screen and the top of the screen in the other two rows. I love Soarin’! :wub:


I find that if you keep your head back against the headrest you’ll barely notice any feet dangling.


Same here, I’ll sit with you in the middle row just to go to WDW.


I love the top row, and I always ask to wait for it! :slight_smile:

My mom is pretty intensely afraid of heights. She tried Soarin twice but she refuses to go on it anymore. She doesn’t like the feeling of her legs dangling, like there’s nothing holding her in. And the screen is HUGE, so it’s easy to feel like you really are up that high.

Interesting little tip: I just read that the row that goes the lowest moves the most with the movie.


OMgosh - the exact same thing happened to me last time (I mentioned it in my trip report). Totally ruined it for me. Soarin’ is the one place that I do ask to be in the front row - the feet do bother me. As long as you ask nicely, I’m sure they don’t mind.