Frontier Airlines Chapter 11, I'm so worried!


I was hoping that Frontier wouldn’t join the ranks of Bankruptcy, but they filed last night. :eek: :eek: I know it is chapter 11 and that means they can still operate, but for how long? Our vacation is only 2 months away. I can’t believe this.:ohmy: I am hoping that if they downscale there flights, that the major airports will still have service. We are flying into LAX, so here’s wishing!!

Please send pixie dust our way and to eveyone one else dealing with this airline issue!!


I worry about Southwest as well- the last week there has only been ding fares from orlando- nothing anywhere out of Hartford. And today the fares jumped up again- the outgoing flight is double what we paid and the home flight went up $6 from yesterday. i get worried that they are either cashing in on the cancelled flights or they are making a last ditch attempt to avoid it as well.


Its all very worrisome. I worry about all the people who will be jobless as a result of all these bankruptcies. Travel is just going to get more expensive, too. Its times like these that make me wish I was a kid again, and oblivious to all the problems out there. :frowning:


Its funny really- I remember waiting in long lines for gas when i was little. I remember that it was cheaper for my dad to stay home and be a freelance photographer than it was to have him work and pay for a sitter for us kids. It reminds me that we are all just in a low and there are always lows and highs- I just want to stick this low out and come out ahead in the end.


They claim to maintain business as usual. They are just restructuring. I’m sure it will be fine.


Yeah, your right!! It is horrible for those workers having to fret about it. I guess it makes our plights not as worrrisome. I guess either way, I just pray for everyone involved.

Wish I was a kid, too!!


I do too!! Lets just hope it ends soon!!


Yeah, but they claimed 2 days ago no bankruptcy. I know with our economy things can change, but man, I just want it all to work out for everyone!!


Frontier is a fairly solid airline…

Chapter 11 is merely to hold creditors at bay…

Nothing to worry about for the moment…


Chapter 11 doesn’t mean the business is about to fold, bbut it does sound scary… don’t worry!


I thought SWA was solid, have I been missing something? I’ve never worried about booking through them but if they’re in serious trouble I may think again.


Unfortunately, no airline is solid these days. With the cost of jet fuel getting out of control, it’s going to be harder and harder for the airlines to stay in the air. I think you’re going to see more airlines merging just to keep going. Our local airline Midwest Airlines (Best care in the air) just layed off 100+ people and cut back on some of their flights. Never thought we’d see that either. Hope something gives soon.:sad:


I just worry that chapter 11 turns to chapter 7. Everyone is hurting for money, I hope they can fix the creditors problem. At least they are trying to fix it and not just close up shop and save upper management behinds.


Hey Quartz7, you are my neighbor!!! I live in Arvada!!!:happy:

I was worried too, we fly Frontier in about a month!!:sad: I read an article yesterday saying that summer should be business as usual then they would have to reevaluate come August or September depending on the gas prices!!
So I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be fine!! I hope you will be :pinch: too!


DT, I think woohoo was referring to the grounded flights/fine they were slapped with due to overdue inspections on their planes.


Oh, I read it wrong then, I thought she was worried about them filing Chapter 11. I have heard nothing but good things about SWA and how the company is run (well, except for the grounded flights this winter) so I thought I was missing something.


Hey Neighbor!!!:flowers: That is soooo cool!!! Loving this weather??? I sure am! I think we all will be ok for the summer. It looks like they are pushing advertising, maybe try to drum up business. Lets hope it works and gets them some cash flow.
I would be very sad if we lose Frontier. This is the only airline we have flown in the past 6 years and we really enjoy the nonstop flights!!


SWA is as solid as any airline. It is actually making money and the stock pays a dividend. There recent problems were some maintance checks they missed. (Something that should have been done but the planes weren’t unsafe to fly. There are ALL sorts of service bulletins (minor CYA issuses) that parts people put out. Every 100 hours of flight time every plane gets a through inspection. With hundreds of major and minor items, to be checked something minor falling through a crack isn’t that big of deal.)

Gas prices are REALLY hurting the airlines, just like all of us that fly or drive for a living. I drive 35k miles annually in my real estate business. Gas is now my number 1 office expense. I pay more in gas now than health insurance, rent, MLS & Realtor fees combined!

MOST of the major airlines have been in and out of part 11 bankruptcy - some more than once.


Im getting nervous about SWA as I read this. Whohoo is right… NO DIngs in a while and my coming home flight has jumped very high since I purchased 2 weeks ago…


We didn’t fly last summer because we didn’t find a great fare and no super deals with DING either. I just think SWA is trying to stay in the black and they can’t do that at $59 a person. I’m paying just over $100 per person next month and at the price of gas I’m happy I got that.

I think there are still some good deals to be had with DING, they just haven’t fit our schedule.