Frontierland, new ride idea by you


Ok, Frontierland hasnt gotten a new ride in so long its way over due, big thunder is about the only reason to go that way anymore, the big outdoor BBQ place has been closed last 3 times ive been there, only thing ive seen new is the fry wagon and Toms island has been toned down from what it was so im thinking we need something new over there…Here’s my idea, bring back the mine train ride, lots of track still up, they could have it over closer to the BBQ food place so there would be a reason to make the long walk(was better walk when the skyway was still right there) its not a fast ride of course, it was more like the people mover in nature, it could go on the back side between the walking path and the railroad tracks and still go over around the lake where the tracks still are, theres even a tunnle still with the tracks in it…well thats my idea, its not a thrill ride but it was a relaxing ride and was fun.


Ok my first idea was inexpensive and a redo of the original ride in way so ive got another idea but its more involed…a western version of pirates sort of, the ride could move the people in old time cars(from old west time period) thru a town with shoot outs, crowd at wagon to buy elixer, jail, bar, and so forth,

p.s. it could have Davy Crocket in it(with that great song)


I think there needs to be something with Woody in it…

One where you ride on Bullseye and shoot varmints and outlaws. YEEEEHA! :biggrin:


I like the idea of a Woody/Jessie themed ride. I can’t really picture it fully but I think something new and fresh in Frontierland would be greatly appreciated!


Hmmm…boy this one is somewhat hard for me for some reason…I cant think of anything at the moment, I’ll have to get back on this one once I come up with an idea. :smile:


well we have all these great minds here, im sure we will get some good idea’s, i grew up with davy crocket so i would love to see an animatronic davy,also of course woody would be wonderful too except for me i was let down by the pooh ride for it seems to be set up for little kids as where i went to bear country all the time and it was more of a mainstream attraction, so for me i’d like a ride set up for all ages like pirates more so than pooh.