Has anyone gone to see Frozen? Any thoughts out there in MB-Land?


not yet but soon,hopefully from what I heard it is pretty good


That’s what I am hearing. I am thinking of taking the clan to see it. If I do, I will post.


We plan on going next weekend!


We just went and saw Frozen in 3D. Very, very good. A great deal of singing like Disney movies of old. Really nicely done. I think it also helped that I did not know the story so well so it was not that predictable.

One great surprise was that there was a Mickey Mouse short at the beginning which incorporated scenes from an old black and white Mickey. Really nifty.

I say go see this! :mickey:


I am thinking about taking my grandaughters to see it.I hear it is very good.We saw previews and it looked awesome.


We saw Frozen on Friday, and LOVED it. Olaf the snowman is hilarious, the entire family enjoyed it. The Mickey cartoon in the preview was an added bonus, hope to see more of those in the future!!


My DD and DSIL saw Frozen Sunday and loved it…DD is a true BATB, Lion King Aladdin era fan and says that the animation in this is just right…a good mix of Pixar and Disney…and the characters are great…a modern updated story…

She was ready to sit thru it a second time…


Might catch on cruise next week. Looks promising.


If it is shown, do not miss it!