Frustrating and mind numbing puzzle game


Well I found this in the local paper about a month ago, and I’m addicted to it.
It’s called Sudoku. Pretty much, you get a 9x9 grid, and you fill it in with the numbers 1-9, without repeating the number in a row or collum. They start you off with out dozen numbers, and you fill in the rest.
Another frustrating part, is inside the 9x9 are 9 3x3 boxes, and in each box, you can only have the numbers 1-9.

To get a new puzzle you can go to
This last one has me stumped, this is my first time going online for help.


I love puzzles. Can you print them out? Maybe I can print them for the plane…


Dana, yes. You can buy puzzle books that are only Sodukos. It’s alot of fun!


Cool thanks!!! Love to work my mind. :heart:


DH and I tried those on the plane…I got a headache, and started guessing… :whistling


I LOVE Sudoku’s! My newspaper - Phila Inquirer - has a Life magazine insert on Friday and that mag has a puzzle. Last week, I tossed the paper (didn’t have time to read it with all the time I spend on DC!) but I pulled out the Life mag just for the puzzle…

I’d love to get a book of sudoku puzzles for my long car ride to WDW in 17 days!!


Count me in as another totally addicted to Sudoku!! I love it!!!
The magazine In Touch has 2 of them every week in their magazine.


Oh yes, I’m sure you can do complicated puzzles. :whistling


I got a headache just reading about the puzzles!!! :tongue:


All of my friends play Sudoku, but i am TERRIBLE!!! I do know that on some websites, you can either play or print the puzzles.


I’m addicted to Sudoku! There are 3 puzzle books in my house and 1 in my car! has free online puzzles and is another free site that you can either work them online or print them out.


I love Sudokus! I do them on the plane all the time and last trip I had some woman next to me trying to figure it out! :laugh:


Sudoku! I love that game! I’m not even a math person but I love playing. You can google sudoku and print off some from a website.


Oh my goodness, I am so addicted to sudoku! It’s my absolute favorite thing to do online other than DC and MySpace. :happy:


DD10 saw me doing one, and has been hooked ever since. I had to buy her a couple of puzzle books to keep in the car.


i have a touch screen version of it. i play on the bus on the way home from work. i can finsh a puzzle on the hardest setting in 5 minutes now. i love it.


The other day at school a math teacher (not mine, luckily!) gave a worksheet with a Sudoku game on it for homework! I would have failed that grade…