Ft. Wilderness Cabins


Decided so that we could enjoy Disney just a little more this trip. Moved our ressies from the Contemporary to the Cabins at Ft Wilderness. At least this way, everyone will have a real bed.:closedeye


The cabins look awesome. We have always wanted to stay there.


Congratulations! I’ve always wanted to stay in the cabins. They look so cozy!:happy:


Congrats, they do look so nice. That entire resort is so wonderful. I experienced it by accident last November. Wow it’s big and quiet.


Below is some feed back when I asked.



I love Fort Wilderness!! We are RVers and love every minute of it. The atmosphere is soooo relaxed and there is sooo much to do!


I’ve only seen pics of the cabins, but they look great!!! FW is probably a lot of fun, but I can’t recommend it if you have mobility issues. Not very handicapped-friendly.


We have stayed in the cabins, The bedroom has a double and two bunk beds the LR has a pull down double Murphy bed. Rent a golf cart in advance and you will enjoy the campground even more. If you have little ones make sure you do the campfire scene and visit the petting zoo and the pony ride.

I can go on and on about this place it has been our home away from home for about 15 years.


Sounds great! I can’t wait for your TR when you return to tell us all about it.


Yes, I was thinking the same thing! Make sure you get some good photos and post with the great FW TR! We are actually resort-hopping in Sept and will be doing the campfire/movie and maybe a carriage ride there. I would love to stay in the cabins, but the Lodge looks gorgeous, too.

Cant wait to hear!!!


I have been intrigued with the cabins for a while, but we haven’t stayed there yet. I think it’s a great idea for families, to have the extra space. Can’t wait to see you TR and pics!


Love the cabins - FW is the only place we stay! Like the atmosphere, the room and it’s great to have your own little space. Plus, your kitchen is right with you and there are lovely Mousekeepers to clean everything up! Hope you have a great time!


The cabins will definitely give you more overall room, even if the beds aren’t queen size. The only thing that I didn’t like about staying at the cabins is one of the things that many people do enjoy about the cabins. A place away from it all. For me, I like to wake up, step out of the room and feel like I am in the magic. The Contemporary Tower is my favorite because of that.


Sounds great! Can’t wait to read your Trip Report. Ive always been curious about the cabins specially since my husband wants to stay there one day.


The Cabins at FW sound GREAT! It’s like you have the best of both worlds…you get to stay in a rustic campground, yet you have a fully equipped large cabin to sleep everyone. I’d love to try that one year!


Thanks for all the input guys, and yea I will be doing a Cabin Trip Report when I return. I mainly did the change because moving to the Cabins saved me almost $2,000 compared to staying at Contemporary Towers. More economical for the three of us.


The cabins are fantastic. We like FW because it’s quiet and peaceful, yet still really close to all of the action. You don’t have to worry about people running past your door at 3 in the morning waking you up. I would also rent a golf cart as previously suggested. You eliminate the bus system entirely in FW and it gives you a quick way to run up to the trading post to grab snacks if need be. Well worth the money for the rental for the convenience alone.


Enjoyed the FW Cabins twice including once on an extended family trip consisting of 20 people. We were able to get 4 cabins on the same loop. FW was an excellent choice since DH and I are not park commandos and run out of zip around the 4th day of parks, parks, and more parks. FW is a resort within itself, with the evening campfire, horseback riding, cycling, canoing, speed boats, etc. There is Crockett’s Tavern for a quiet drink before turning in. All of this with a cabin that includes Mousekeeping. We had a blast both times and found the quietness of the resort helped us get a good night’s rest to recharge. Only downside is transportation. Unless your loop is convenient to one of the two main bus stops, you must ride a bus to the main bus stop (or marina) and then board a second bus (or boat) to the parks. Definitely recommend spending the xtra $$ and rent a golf cart. You may not use your car to drive around or back and forth to the bus stops, so the golf cart makes for a more pleasant stay.


Anyone have any photos or good links to the WL, we may do it next year?


Extra time at WDW is a terrific plan, and the cabins look really fun!