Ft. Wilderness campfire/movie ?'s


Has anyone ever done this? Is it worth a trip from WL? & do you have to bring your own blanket/sheet to sit on?
Thanks a lot!


Yes- many nights! There are bleacher seats, or you can sit on the ground. We brought blankies for the boys. Be sure to bring marshmallows to roast before the movie! The sing-along was a lot of fun as well!


IMO this is one of the biggest draws to FW. You’ll have a great time.


We went to the Wwilderness Campgrounds last May for a Cub Scouts campout. The first night we went to the sing-a-long and movie. Chip and Dale were there singing right along with a CM. They light two big fires on either side of the area and you can buy all of the fixin’s including the stick to make smores. The movie was Chicken Little. We had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Every trip we say that we are going to do this, but we never do. I hope this trip we remember about it and go. I guess I will just need to make it a high priority.


I really wanted to do this. I remember last month there was a link somewhere to find out which movie was playing. Does anyone know where to find this link again, I lost it!


where do they do it in FW?


The campfire sing-a-long with Chip and Dale and a movie is something we do each trip. My DS’s are older and they still enjoy it. If you have an evening to relax, this is a great time.:happy:


its a short boat ride from WL … go!!! it is a wonderful time!! and yes you can bring a blanket or sheet to sit on but as said “dont forget the marshmellows”!!

chris24 its held at the Meadow trading post. if you arrive from one of the boats you will need to take a bus to the Meadow trading post. In fact even if you use bus transportation to FT. W. to attend the campfire moive and singalong you will need to transfer to an internal bus to get to the Meadows Trading post


I too have this in my plans for next years trip in September (anyone keeping track, I’m down 6 lbs.).

BUT I want to go to the sing a long then go on the fireworks hayride. My question is…Do you have to watch the movie? If so would I have enough time for both the movie and the hayride?

Thanks a bunch!

Lisa :mickey:


I dont know if you would have enough time to do the movie and the hayride.
No matter what Ft. W. is a disney place that should not be over looked no matter what resort your staying in.


Yes, This Is Wonderful If You Can Do It. Its Free, You Can Buy Marshmellows & Sticks, Or Bring Them. We Used To Bring Them, Your Camping Out Anyways, You’ll Need Them. If The Kids Get Cranky Or Whatever, You Can Pack Up & Leave Mid-movie. It Reminds You Of The Drive In Theatre Setting. Just Becareful Of The Temp, If Its Summer Time It Will Be Hot. And That Could Be Amajor Factor If You Are Not Used To The Temp.


Anyone know where to find the movie schedule on line?


I am so excited about this! It’s a huge star on my plans for December-I know it will be chilly out at night, but being from NY, I think we can welcome a little crispy evening breeze! I’d like to find out the movie schedule listing myself, didn’t know there was one.


There is no schedule online only on the back of the map @ Ft Wilderness…


OK, it’s now a must-do!! Thanks for all the info. We just can’t decide if we should bring a sheet from home or plop on the floor. & if it’ seasier to just buy the marshmallows there or not!
Thanks again!


Has anyone done this in the summertime? Guess it would be at least 9-9:30pm before they show a movie since it doesn’t get dark until then. Is it way too hot to sit around a campfire and roast marshmellows in July in Florida?


it would be too hot for me … we do it in the fall here in Texas …after Oct. when it is cooler… even now it is too hot for any marshmellow roast.


i can’t wait because our family is staying in ft. Wilderness resort and campground. and i can’t wait for the campfire and a movie. I hope it is the Incredibles.