Ft. Wilderness Question


OK I will not be staying at the cabins but friends of ours will be. Family of 6!
My question is, and this may be silly but i haven’t looked into the cabins before,
Do the cabins have Mousekeeping? I have seen a post somewhere where someone mentioned about how mousekeeping didn’t clean under the sofa.

reason why I’m asking my friend wants to bring 2 cats ( which she hasn’t gotten yet) and I told her that i don’t think it’s allowed. I know they have a kennel there, not sure if thats what she wants to do.
So I am hoping to get an answer BEFORE she goes out and gets the lil fur balls. :laugh:


Please tell her to leave the cats at home, the next guests in the cabin may be allergic and she could ruin their trip. Pets are not allowed and she’s risking getting tossed out and her vacation ruined. The cabins do get daily mousekeeping so she’s going to get caught. She needs to leave the cats at home and enjoy her vacation.


Thats what I thought! Hopefully they will hold off on getting the kitties till after the trip! Either that or just put them i the kennels!!
Thanks so much!!!


I found this. It talks about the cabins & the campground. It’s kind of confusing to me. Your friend may need to call & ask.

Fort Wilderness Fact Sheet

Finally, there is an unfurnished single cabin near the 2300 loop that is used by Housekeeping.

Does FW allow pets?

Yes. In fact, Fort Wilderness is the only pet friendly resort on Disney World property. Request a pet site when making reservations. Pets are allowed at campsites in loops 1600 through 1900, 300, 700 and 800, but must be kept in those areas. Depending on the season and demand, Fort Wilderness might also temporarily designate certain loops as pet loops. There is an additional charge of $5 per day.

Fort Wilderness also has the fenced-in, leash free Waggin’ Trails Dog Park: ‘Where dogs on vacation can “Lose the Leash”’! The park is located next to the playground at loop 300, but all the pet loops have access to it by way of the designated paths. Currently, Disney doesn’t have these on their maps, but they will hopefuly include them soon. All the paths are marked with signs, so you can easily find your way to Waggin’ Trails. Leashed dogs are also allowed on the golf carts now, making the park even more accessible. It is open from dawn to dusk, and has several watering stations where the bowls are self filling. (Note: if they haven’t been used, the water in them gets very warm, so you will want to get it to fill again with cool water.) There’s also a picnic table where you can relax while your dog plays. Dogs must be accompanied by guests age 12 and over at the park; no unaccompanied dogs, puppies under 4 months, or dogs in heat are allowed. Use of the dog park is limited to FW guests staying in one of the designated pet loops. (See the photo section for a sign with all the Waggin’ Trails Dog Park rules.)

Owners are expected to clean up after their pets in all areas. There is a receptacle to deposit pet waste, as well as collection bags with which to pick up the waste, located at each of the entrance/exit of the pet loops. Collection bags are also located between sites #1632 and #1634 beside the path to the comfort station, at the entrance to the pet walk in loop 300, and in the dog walk area next to the kennel.

Pets may also be boarded at the kennel near the FW entrance. Note there are kennels elsewhere on Disney property if you can’t get your pet in the Fort Wilderness kennel. The day fee for dogs is $15 for all guests; cats and other small animals are $10. The overnight fee (including dry food) for WDW resort guests is $18 for dogs, $13 for cats and small animals. Guests not staying on property pay $20 for dogs and $15 for cats and other small animals. (Disney has turned over the kennels to the Best Friends Pet Care corporation. The rates are expected to increase again when the takeover is finished.) Guests are encouraged to walk their pets at least twice per day as they are not otherwise let out of their cages. Proof that the animal has had all of its shots is also required. Hours for the kennel are 7:30 am to 8 pm. More information on Disney Kennels HERE.

Fort Wilderness also has pet walks, in addition to walking dogs around the loops themselves. One is along the canal at loop 300, a second along the creek at loop 800, and the third behind loop 1900, servicing the four pet loops around it (1600 - 1900).


I must agree with you. My mother is deathly allergic to cats which she adores. A cat can just come within feet of her which causes her throat to close up. Ask your friend to leave her cats at home as the cats could cause another WDW vacationer to end up in the hospital. :eek:


We just stayed in the cabins in June/July and were really happy with the accomodations. Yes, Mousekeeping does come in every day! They even do dishes (in the dishwasher of course). Our neighbors were kind of noisy (children playing out in the road late at night), but that is my only complaint. I would highly recommend renting a golf cart for the week. The bus system is usually on time, but you can make the most of your time by zipping around in a golf cart ($50/day).