Fuji disposable waterproof camera


Has anyone tried the Fuji Disposable waterproof camera. We are leaving on the Disney Wonder and was going to purchase one. Anyone used it before???


We used one two years ago, it was great. No problems at all.


Not Fuji, but I used a Kodak one a few years back and it worked great. The quality was fine.


I’ve used them, they are about the same as the kodak. decent quality. well worth it to have the “water shots”


Thank you guys…that’s what I thought. I’m not expecting anything fancy but as long as they come out decent.


i develope film and the fuji has the better picture quality


Great thinking, I have used the Fuji in the past and thought it was pretty good quality. You are going to want to make sure you have it at Castaway Cay, lots of opportunity for water pics there.

Have a great time!


Last time I used one was a few years ago . . . we bought them on property, guessing they were Kodak . . . great pictures!