Full service restaurants booked in Sept


Not that this is any surprise to me, but I thought I would just confirm for anyone who still hasn’t completed their dining plans.

Yesterday I called reservations to see if it was possible to move around some reservations I alreay had, specifically at Sci Fi and 50’s prime time, and right off the bat the CM told me not to get my hopes up that all the restaurants were pretty booked for Sept. Nonetheless, I tried, and failed. 50’s was completely booked for dinner every night the week of Sept 9th. Luckily, I already have all the reservations I need, I just thought I’d try to squeeze in one more.

So, my advice to any lollygaggers, get your rumps on the phone and keep your fingers crossed!


Just wanted to add that just because they are “booked” does not mean you absolutely will not get it. A lot of people are booking and no shows. Plus… they do make a small allowance for walk ins.


This is very true Daisee, thank you for pointing that out. I am just such an impatient person, waiting an hour for dinner would drive me batty!:blink:


It is nice to know you already have your “dining schedule”:confused: down. I am such a planner, I always am on the phone at 0700, exactly 180 days out from our arrival!! But, I may call and try to change a few things, but I am already booked at some awesome places, so if I can’t make any changes, we are still good!!


We found in June… that we were sometimes ready to escape the heat and eat our lunch or dinner earlier than our ADR… they sat us early every time. CM’s were saying that people were no shows.

I am sure that will not happen as often though with the free dining.


I think they actually overbook during the value season because the no show rate is 30%!!! Crazy. You can walk in but you’ll be waiting for 45-75 min I’m sure. It can be done though! GL to those of you still working on ADR’s.

I’m still trying to get a better time for Chef Mickeys (currenly 7am, eek) and am having NO luck. Oh well. It’s our last day there so we’ll just have to get up early and then we’ll have more time before we leave to have fun since we’ll eat so early! :slight_smile:


PHEW!!! I have them all and confirmed them all!!


i need to confirm mine - maybe thats what i will do today! thanks for the reminder woohoo!!


I continue to have one hole on Sunday 9/23. I’d originally wanted le Cellier, but it was unavailable. I should have booked Coral Reef right then, but didn’t. By the time I’d decided, Coral Reef was unavailable. I’m still waitlisted through Yacht/Beach/Boardwalk central planning office for them in case something opens. I had also been hoping Teppan Edo would be open by September, but that’s also not happening. So the Sunday afternoon hole still exists. Not sure what I’ll wind up doing. I know I’m not going to walk up to ESPN on a Sunday afternoon in September!


I have one on 9/18 for 8:30 at Coral Reef. That is not that late, but we wanted it to be more around dinner time. We usually eat at 6:00. I have called many times and tried to see if they can change it, but they are completely booked with no openings at that time. We may just show up early and see if they will seat us a little early. Otherwise 8:30 is not that late.

I agree though, booking early was must to get all the ressies we want at time that were manageable for us.


8:30 for Coral Reef isn’t that late, until you remember you’ll miss Illuminations at 9, even if you do go outside to watch what you can by The Seas.

Edit:Beth, I just checked. There is no SpectroMagic on the 23rd. Just Wishes at 9 PM. Anyway, take the launch to the Poly instead of the monorail if it looks like the lines are too much. Also remember, you have 15 minutes grace on your reservation and to get back to your own hotel, you’ll need to get back to the MK bus station by midnight to be safe.
If not, your bus turns into a pumpkin and you’ll have to walk over to the Contemporary and get a taxi.


A quick note about walk-ins. We decided to grab lunch at the Sci-Fi Dine in - without ressies, all they had were small tables in the back - not the cool cars that our kids love. The CM told us that the cars are only for people who have resservations. That was in July, so it might be different at less busy times of the year. We should have tried calling from our hotel the day before, but it was a spur of the moment type of thing. We still enjoyed ourselves.


We found in June… that we were sometimes ready to escape the heat and eat our lunch or dinner earlier than our ADR… they sat us early every time. CM’s were saying that people were no shows.

We were there last year during the free DP promotion and it was extremely difficult to get walk-in seating.

While at EPCOT, we deciding to get an earlier lunch, and so tried to get into Le Cellier about an hour before our schedules reservation (which still wouldn’t be in what you’d consider the traditional lunchtime crunch), and couldn’t do it.


I can vouch for that. I tried to change my ADR for the night of the P&P party from coral reef to something near in inside the MK…there is not one single table to be had and this is for August, not september… Free dining sure makes people book those ADrs…lol oh well. Pretty bad when you can’t get a lunch at Whispering canyon.


On the 22nd we’ll be watching Illuminations and then heading over to AKL for dinner at Jiko, and I’m not canceling this time!
That morning, I’ll be at MGM at 8 for morning EMH and then head back for breakfast at Spoodles at 10:30.
I’m not sure what watersports I’ll choose, but I know I’ll be on the Seven Seas Lagoon at some point in the afternoon. Weather permitting.


Question…we you say you have them all and confirmed them. Did you phone again later on to make sure they were all still confirmed? Just curious. We did ours at the 180 day mark and I need to phone this week and cancel a back up ADR I had, should I ask them to go over and reconfirm ALL my ADRs. I have written down the confirmation numbers for all of them, so am I just ok with that and not reconfirming the confirmations.:blink:


In my case I have an e-mailed .pdf from the Boardwalk’s concierge planning office complete with reservation numbers and times.
If you feel uneasy, give a quick call to 407-WDW-DINE and check.


Just wanted to share that I was able to get a 5:15 ressie for 9/18 at Nine Dragons.

So, there are still a few ADRs left, however, I don’t know anything about this restaurant. I just know that we love Chinese food.


Many of us have eaten at Nine Dragons and we’ve all been less than impressed. Keep this as an in case, but see if you can get something else, or save your table credit for another day and use a quick serve credit at Sunshine Seasons in The Land. Try the salmon.


Thanks Soundgod. I am on hold with Disney Dining as we speak. Maybe Alfredo Di Roma?