Fulton's Crab House


Is this restaurant on the DDP? If it is, is it worth a visit??


this is not listed on the dining plan i really wanted to eat there. and it is kinda expensive.


We had lunch there last April and enjoyed our meal. It is on the pricey side. The menu is limited at lunch but they do honor some requests from the dinner menu. Check allears menus to see if you like it. We paid oop. for lunch.


Awww, shucks! Oh well on to plan B… (which is find a restaurant that is on the DDP) :smiley:


I am not a fan of this restaurant. It took a few tries but I finally found a couple of items that I like. I do like going there for drinks and every so often ordered the overpriced oysters on the half shell (which finally improved a couple of years ago).


I agree with you. Read my trip report and you will see :pirate: