Fulton's or Artist Point?


Just trying to decide between Fulton’s and Artist Point for an OOP meal. What about your preferred restaurant do you like? TIA!


WOW! This is a really hard decision. Fulton’s is definitely one of my favorites while we’ve eaten at Artist Point twice in the last year and several times in total and liked it every time.
Seeing as it’s out of pocket, and there is a much bigger range of entrees at Fulton’s, I’d lean that way, especially if you’re looking for seafood.
Artist Point suffers from what in general all of WDW’s restaurants suffer from since the roll out of the DDP in 2005, only about 4 appetizers and 8 entrees on the menu.


I picked Artist Point cause it’s beautiful, delicious, and the Wilderness Lodge has such amazing atmosphere.


We have eaten at Fultons but we just love Artist Point! Go there!!!


I just liked the menu better at Fulton’s. I tried AP many years ago and didn’t care for the menu all that much. My wife wants to try it again so I will have to go back at some point.


Artist Point without a doubt. Better food and service.


I too chose Artist Point. While I love both places the atmosphere and service were better at AP. The food was amazing too.



PS We paid for AP OOP and I had the wine flight and DH had beer and the bill was still under $100 before tip.