Haven’t heard anyone mention Fultons at Downtown Disney as a good dinner selection.
Any comments? We are considering eating there on our next trip in Oct.
Thanks for any input.


I went there last year and I thought it was terrible. I was really looking forward to it because I had been there in 2002 and it was one of the best seafood meals I ever had. It seems they changed a lot of things in 7 years.

I had crab claws both times and although I got more than I had gotten in 2002 they were smaller and not as tasty. We also got calamari both times and this time around it tasted like it was frozen store bought crap.

It was our first anniversary and they were nice and gave us a free piece of cake for dessert. We got some chocolate cake that was awful. It was so dry it made it almost inedible.

I hope that helps. I am sure others may disagree with me but I would stay clear of this place. Plenty of other places to get a decent meal.


I have mixed feelings about Fultons. I love sitting at the bar and grazing through their offerings. My husband made the mistake of ordering the calamari and that was the worst he could have done. Awful.
We also usually order the seafood tower and except for the crab claws, we love everything that’s on it. Another thing we love there are the many different oysters.
They make great mixed drinks.

We have never eaten anything big, only appetizers. So, for atmosphere we really like it.
With the food, it can be hit and miss.


We went once last summer and it was ok at best. Pretty costly and it wasn’t phenomenal.


Eaten there many times and never had a bad meal.
When you folk talk about crab claws, are you talking about stone crab claws which are only in season from October 15- April 15?
If so, I’ve been noticing that in general over the last 15 years, they’ve been getting smaller everywhere from restaurants to the stores.


Fultons is one of our favorites. We’ve had lunch upstairs many times and never had a bad meal. Last year we had dinner on the main level and it was wonderful also. Dinner was busier than lunch and more costly, so if you are unsure for a first try - go for lunch.


We have eaten there several times, but probably won’t again.


Fultons is one of our favorite. We look forward to it every time we are in WDW. We have been with a large group of 13 down to 3 of us and they have always been very accommodating. Portions are a good size and we love the seafood. Be sure to make your reservations in advance.


I ate there for lunch and really loved it. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.


Food good. Atmosphere overpriced and dripping with attitude.