Fun Card


Has anyone used their Birthday fun card at Downtown disney yet? For a lack of knowledge, experience etc etc, I didnt know or did cast members knolw or atleast the ones I asked I wasnted to use it for my photo pass but I was told that I can do more options online for my cd vs getting it at the Park they could only Jazz up 3 photos. So when I got home and holding onto my 75.00 Fun Card I find out in the fine print, I cannot use it on my CD, So now I want to go to Downtown Disney and use it there, in Once upon a Toy Store) Its cheaper than going back into the park and buying an admission. If anyone can shine some light on this subject I know I can find answers here, Thanks so much , Missy


Check an existing thread, called Free Admission on Your Birthday - it has all the answers you need…(and I swear it says you can use for photopass???)


Thanks I will look for the thread:blush:


can you only get the fun card if you go to WDW on your Bday?