Fun in the Sun at Walt Disney World!


This is a FUN video to watch! ENJOY! :wub:

YouTube - Fun in the Sun at Walt Disney World


Oh thats lovely thanks for sharing that- just made me so want to be there though :frowning:


Me too! And I was JUST THERE! :laugh:

(there is something wrong with me! :blush:)


thanks so much for that link! now i cant wait more than ever. I added it to my youtube favs


Can’t wait till I go in only 24 more days, I am getting so excited!


Thanks for sharing the link, it showed the two things at TL that my kids are dying to do 1) Crushin Gusher 2) Shark Reef. Only 100 more days for us…I can’t wait!


Oh my goodness! Makes me want to be there even more than I do in normal day!:laugh:


It’s a great link, my DDs and I have watched it over and over!

That and the Corbin “Celebrate You” video! :cool: I’ve been walking around singing it all day! :laugh:


Great video… Will be there in 17 days… I am so excited


Wow thanks that was a lot o fun.


Ty just what I needed to watch on this rainy Tuesday morning…


I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!:happy: I will probably watch it 10 times a day for the next 8 days!!!


Cute!! I ended up on the DisneyParks channel for half an hour watching their videos. :laugh: Thanks for the link!


Thank you so much for that. You made me happy. That was such a feel-good video. I can’t wait for Sept. to get here.


What a fun video! Great shots!