Fun Times on the Plane


So, I have been helping my cousin plan her family’s trip to WDW next month and I wanted to put together a little activity bag for both of the kids with stuff to keep them occupied on the plane and also get them excited for the World.

I think I am going to order 2 of the EPCOT passport kits to put in there since I figure they can use the time to get their stickers in the right places and fill out all the other info in the passport.

Other than that I am stumped. Any ideas on what I should put in there? The kids are 10 and 7. :mickey:


What about Crayola Color Wonder sets? Coloring Books? For the 10 year old, a Disney Trivia or Hidden Mickey book? What about a kids guidebook?


On the stickers theme- what about making a scrapbook type vacation journal with Disney sticker decorated pages? Could even bag some stuff from the plane/airport to start the journal!


A deck of cards. Can play all kinds of games with them. Also they have those small travel size games like Yatzee. They don’t take up any room in your carry ons or backpacks.


Hi Karen,

The epcot kit is great!! Along those same lines, I found the this really cool autograph book/kit called “Guide to the Magic, Autograph and sticker book”

Check out the website, seems really cool Guide to the Magic


Handheld games would be a good choice… Does either kid like to read? If so a Disney book would be nice for them. Maybe a disposable camera for them to take pictures if they want to. Snacks since kids are almost always hungry. How bout make them an autograph book for when they get there. Or put the stuff in the bag and let them make it on the way to disney.


When DD was young, it was hard to entertain her and myself on the plane. It’s actually harder to entertain me…lol We pack coloring books, reading books, handheld games and mad libs…Mad Libs are a blast and can be a good half hour or more of silly entertainment…lol


My DS Lite saves me every time I get on a plane! Hours of fun to be had if I take enough games with me! Colouring books, puzzle books etc are all handy to have too! Why not look at some travel games? Like Monopoly or Connect 4? You can usually pick them up in the airport and they pretty cheap! Pick up a couple of magazines too and a book if their readers! You could put them together a little travel backpack like some airlines hand out then they can use the bags while their on holiday!


Thanks for all the great ideas, everyone! Now I need to get shopping!


What about those little invisble ink activity books with disney characters. (they have them at cracker barrel)


I haven’t thought of mad libs in years. That’s a great idea Dana. It’s sounds perfect for that age group.


I just ordered the EPCOT passport kits and a Disney activity book online. I am going to head to Target later this week and look for some more stuff.


Mad libs are a blast!!! My kids are 8 and 10 and they love Mad libs!!! I found them at Borders book store and Bed bath and beyond!!


I would go on a plane with my dk’s unless we brought there portable dvd players with their favorite Disney movies.


How do you order those? That sounds like a great idea.


So my cousin leaves for her trip tomorrow morning and I put the finishing touches on the little plane packages I made for the kids last night. Here is what ended up in each bag:

For my goddaughter (she is 10)
A Pack of Gum
3 snack packs of Goldfish crackers
Pirates of the Carribbean fruit snacks
Tinkerbell playing cards
Mad Libs card game
Disney Pin Lanyard Starter Set
EPCOT Passport Kit
Disney World Activity Book and Colored Pencils

For her little brother (he is 7)

All the same as she got, except I got him travel Connect Four instead of the Mad Libs and playing cards.

Today I am just finishing up some handmade Disney World trivia cards to put in there.

I went to the Disney Store yesterday and the CM there gave me a Cinderella bag for her and a Buzz/Woody bag for him to put it all in. All in all, I am pleased with what I ended up with.

Thanks to everyone for all their suggestions~!


Disney has some great comic books…Haunted Mansion (based on the ride theme, not the movie) and Wonderland (based on Alice in Wonderland).

Ooops! Looks like I am too late!