Funniest thing at the Laugh Floor


:laugh: What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard at the Laugh Floor in MK? I like when Roz is picking on 1 person throughout the entire show. Hyuck!:laugh:
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I have not had the pleasure to see that show. I have a feeling it is geared more towards the young, young crowd. If we can manage, we’ll try and see it.
Or do you think that we shouldn’t miss it?


When Roz says… “I’m watching you… still watching” or something like that… I love the voice.


The guy they pick on and show him on the screen several times… he evidently did not speak or understand english! He looked so confused as to why he was on the big screen, lol.


It’s a don’t miss. Helps if you’ve seen Monsters Inc, but not necessary to enjoy. It’s animated with audience interaction. Well worth seeing…plus it’s great for cooling off and getting off you feet for a few minutes too!


We have seen them work on it but it wasnt open. But next month we will be looking foward to visiting it.


Laugh Floor is a great show. They pick on one person and throughout the show they make comments about him, while putting his face on the screen. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Yeah Dopey you should atleast see it one time. I think Turtle Talk with Crush was better though.


It’s worth a look. Each one is slightly different based on audience members reactions. My daughter got called on and she just beamed…unfortunately with her CP she doesnt speak very clearly…that caused the on-screen characters to show some priceless expressions and to ad lib. Christine from Florida, spoken by my daughter turned out to be “Princess Christy from Fluff” by the characters. They recovered nicely. Several attractions later someone stopped and greeted my daughter “hey, aren’t you princess christy from fluff” again she just beamed.


hehe, that’s cute and a nice memory for sure.

We will try it if the line isn’t too long. Loved the movie Mr. Carmichael :wink:


It’s a cute show and the waits aren’t bad. We’ve seen it at least 3 times so far and waited about 20 minutes each time. Each show is a little different depending on who is picked during the show.


been there a million times and never heard of the laughing floor…Where is it?


Second time I went through was better than the first. I guess the “that guy” running gag. It’s better than Turtle Talk with Crush.


Tomorrowland next to Buzz Lightyear. Used to be the Timekeeper.


Ohh to bad i loved the timekeeper wasnt that the one with robin williams doing the voice of the robet thingy.


Yes…It is a for sure must see! I laughed so hard at the guy they kept picking on and his reactions! It was great. I think the better the reactions from the people selected…better the show. I wish it was a full comedy show because I could sit there for hours listening to comedy. The wait seems like a long time when everyone is crammed in the hallway, but they all fit in the studio nicely.