Funniestthing you have ever heard in a Disney Theme Park?


DD who is 5 was riding on the Great Movie Ride with us and she said Mom Are we gonna die?


the funniest thing that i heard was also the cutest thing i’ve been asked. i think it was the day or two after our wedding, we were in MK sitting along Main Street patiently waiting for Spectromagic. I was wearing my bridal ears and this little girl was sitting next to me staring at my ears. I looked over and she asked me if I was getting married. I told her I got married on Wednesday. the next thing she asked me was, “are you going to have babies?” i told her yes but not now because I am still in school and she gave me the most puzzled look i ever got from a kid. she had to be at least 6 or 7. but i thought it was so cute and funny for her to ask me “are you going to have babies?” after asking me “are you getting married?”


I was helping Beast in France. My Belle tells me right before coming out that a little 3 year old came asking where Beast was. Belle tells her he’s at the castle but he’s on his way out. The little girl’s reply: Tell Beast to take his time, cause you know what Belle? Sometimes the Beast comes to my house when my daddy goes to work.

I cried laughing with Belle. I only hope mommy and daddy didn’t hear that.


Rofl, that is so funny


OH MY! :eek: :eek: Out of the mouths of babes :wink:


As Astro used to say…ruh roh rorge…


That sounds very traumatic Jen!


well, i don’t know if i can post this, but on Dinosaur, Dad (who is 86yrs.old) was going “woo” “ohh…” through the whole ride. Well at the end, when the big T-Rex pops out, he yells (to the t-rex) “f#^% you!” and gives the dinosaur the finger.


The funniest thing DS has ever said was after getting the nerve up to ride BTMRR for the first time, he got off the ride and said “Hey!! Can we go again? I’ll even open my eyes this time!!”


Last year, we were getting off TOT. A little girl about 10 had been fussing that she did not want to ride. She was really scared. When we got off the ride, she was so exicted, saying that it was not scary and it was alot of fun. She wanted to go again. Her dad (who by the way was kinda pale) looked right at her Mom and simply said, “YOU LIED!!”

He stayed outside the ride while the rest of the family got back on.


I did not hear this, but I witnessed it. I still crack up every time I am standing in the line for the indy car speedway. I was about 9, and watching all of the cars come into the pit. As usual, there was a line and people were backed up. I saw a grandson come up behind and hit his grandmother’s car just hard enought to knock off her wig. She threw it back on her head- sideways. I know that she was not hurt, just embarrassed! It was a sight. She was laughing as she looked back at her grandson, so everyone was having fun!


THAT’S FUNNY!!! I could picture her walking off of the ride to meet the rest of her family, not even knowing the wig was on wrong. I’d probably LOSE IT, had I been there!!! :happy:


hahahahahahahahahahaha! this has to be the funniest thing I’ve heard!


When my sister and I were cool teenagers on Grad Night '91, we were at the end portion of IASW were they have the wall with “Good Bye” in different languages. Back then it was sponsored by Mattel, so anyway, all of us in the boat started saying out loud “Adios”, “Au Revoir”, “Sayonara”, and all of the sudden my sister yells “Mattel!”…she didn’t notice it was the sponsor’s name! the whole boat rocked in laughter! poor thing, she was soooooo embarassed!


Is WDW a Coke park or a Pepsi park? I ask because It’s A Small World was Pepsi’s pavilion at the World’s Fair. Pepsi commisioned the ride. Now sponsored by Mattel? To me, that’s comedy!


Well, I really don’t know, it was back in 1991, I do remember Mattel being the sponsor for quite a while, back in those days I lived in miami and would go to WDW all the time, and call me weird, but I love IASW! They had the Mattel trademark logo on the wall next to the “Good Bye” signs.


Hey Soundgod, I got this from Wikipedia
964 New York World’s Fair (Pepsi/UNICEF Pavillion) attraction facts

* Grand Opening: April 22, 1964
* Closing Date: October 17, 1965
* Designers: WED Enterprises
* Sponsors:
      o Pepsi-Cola
      o UNICEF

It also says that Mattel sponsored the ride from 1991-1999


LOL! I totally remember reading that in your TR! Every time I see Dinosaur mentioned, I think of your Dad! :laugh:


What about the million times when you see a person asking the bus that says Magic Kingdom if they are going to Epcot or whatever, that always cracks me up!


DS was about 2.5 yrs old and we were in the Epcot dome ride and ds was freaking out…screaming…“I am done…I am done…I want off!” (We dont get to Epcot often so off the top of my head I cant remember the name of that ride"

Again, with Ds, he was 3 yrs old and we were at Ariel’s Grotto waiting in line for an autograph. As we got closer to Ariel DS looks at her and says very loudly…“Mommy, Ariel has shells on her boobies!” I was so embaressed! The people around us thought it was pretty funny.