Funny list with some disney stars


I don’t know if you all know about forbes, but they like to make lists about many things just for fun. Well, here is a great one that I hope you enjoy. It is the top richest fictional characters of the world. You can see the list with this link, then also click the links on the characters names to where it takes you to a neat page where they do a really hilarious write-up on how they inherited their money. But anyways theres 2 disney characters on it guess who they are!



Scrooge and…???

Let me go check it out…


duh, Scrooge and Cruella!!!


That is so cute – Scrooge McDuck has more money than J.R. Ewing - WHAT!!! :tongue:


I was right !! Good guesses !! That is cute !


HAHA! Thats great! I’m sooo blonde…I’m thinking “MICKEY MOUSE! He made the Disney company tons of money” hahaha I’m going to go back to twiddling my thumbs


Wow…I had no idea my Uncle Scrooge was worth 8.2 billion… I hope I’m in his will…

Get it…my name is Dewey? :wink:


LOL :laugh: thanks for spelling it out for me Dewey…

Actually for years my nickname was Looey (as in Huey Dewy and Looey) so I guess we’ll have to split his will :biggrin:


Ok…It’s a deal, I’ll split it with you… But let’s not tell that loser Huey… It’s just you and me. Deal? HA!


DEAL! But I think we should pool together our money to boy a resort at WDW, which one…Wilderness Lodge? or Yacht Club? :happy:


What a GREAT idea. I’m a country boy from Arkansas, so my vote goes for Wilderness Lodge. Does that work for you?


yeah it surly does there country boy :smile: I can’t wait!
Not to plot out the death of our dear unca scoooge…bhwahahahaha :pinch:


No…but if he were to come upon some unfortunate accident… :wink: