Funny little tidbit


So, the story starts that as many of you know, DH did not go to WDW this time with me.

It happens to be my b-day soon and Halloween is coming up. He always gets me a new standing Halloween figure or really cool prop for our haunt as a b-day present.

Well, since I would be in Disney FOR a Halloween party, life could not have been better:laugh:

So DH says, “Honey, while you are at WDW, please get yourself something really nice for your b-day present-especially since you will be at MNSSHP and I know how excited you are”.

So… imagine his surprise when he finally asked tonight what I got for my b-day present (I think he forgot he offered that) and I told him “I got myself a REALLY nice gift” and started giggling (which btw-I do not do often). He knew he was in trouble at this point. I busted out laughing and said- “I booked the bounceback offer for NEXT year on my b-day”! ROFL :laugh:

I was wondering how long it would take for him to ask. Next year I am sure he will give me clear parameters.

He actually is laughing about it. He says that’s a good one…
But wait… I am SERIOUS!


tee hee hee. Don’t they know to think about what they are doing?


I am just waiting for the snail mail confirmation to come… I’ll stick it in his bill pile ROFL!

The even funnier part is that my sister became hopelessly addicted to WDW on this last adventure (1st that she remembers) and is coming with me next year. She said to say thanks to him for buying his wife such a fantastic b-day present and even including his sister-in-law!


too funny! all husbands have to learn this lesson the hard way! my dh now gives very specific instructions/guidelines!!


Too funny! My DH doesn’t love it, so I go with my parents and my daughter! I am gonna have to remember this fast trick :slight_smile:


I love it!!! A girl after my own heart!!!


How awesome! I’ll say you were totally wise about your birthday present selection! :slight_smile: hahaha… :slight_smile: cute… very cute!


Hilarious!! And, great thinking!!


wish i had a great DH like that!!!


Awesome gift to yourself! My DH doesn’t even ask for details anymore. He knows I will do what I want and he can just go along for the ride! :laugh: Of course, it probably helps that he loves Disney almost as much as me!


You obviously have great taste! Perfect gift, I have to say. :))


Hope I get a glimpse of you during what always seems to be a whirlwind visit from WDW.


LOVE it!! That’s a good one.


I told my DW to get her Christmas gifts while she is at WDW in December. I hope she does not read this and get an idea. LOL


:whistling Too darn funny!!!


Now THAT is a good idea! I’ll have to give it a go tehehehe