Funny Stories From Resturant Cast Members?


I love it when I go out to eat and the CM’s do something a little funny! It always seems to happen at two places for us, Whispering Canyon and 50’s Prime Time!

I remember once at 50’s PTD when I went with my friends family, her Dad ate all his food, and her mom didn’t eat her veggies! And she switched plates with my friends dad so she didn’t get a talking to from mother! Because she would have been embrassed. Instead, to be funny, the CM made a spectacle that she had finsihed the plate and quote “licked it clean” and that she was goign to hang it up on the wall! She was so embrassed, her face turned bright red!

Also, at Whispering Canyon, my friends father asked for straws as the CM was walking away, because he had forgotten to give us some and the CM threw them in the air over the table, it was pretty funny!

Any others?