FW campground experiences


Dh is really into Nascar and has been wanting to buy a camper to go to the races. I wasn’t really that crazy about the idea, but then I remembered that Disney had Fort Wilderness campground. So, we bought a really nice camper. We pick it up this weekend.
I know that a few MBers have been to the campground. Can anyone tell me there experiences staying at FW? I am thinking that it is Disney so it must be nice, but I still am nervous.
We have a bathroom on the camper, but if necessary are the washrooms nice? Are they clean?


the campground is awsome. The bathrooms (back when I went) were very clean. The space where your camper will go is nice and clean. They have so many things to do there. Being on the lake is nice so you can see the fireworks at night. Chip and Dale sing a long is great for the whole family. You can roast marshmellows also. You can also see a movie after all that. I think you will love it!


I have stayed at the cabins at FW. I really liked the campground. The only down side was that relying on the internal buses can be really time consuming. My advice is to drive to parks other than the MK. You will have free parking since you will have a parking permit in your car anyway. Driving will save you a lot of time.


When I was a kid, we grew up in the FW campground because it was the only way that we could afford to go to Walt Disney World. As an adult now, I have stayed in the campgrounds many times, renting a motorhome and staying in the cabins, and wouldn’t change it for anything. One of the best things about it for me was that after the hussle and bussle of the parks, you can go back to the campground and really relax. The campgrounds are such a different atmosphere than the hotels mainly because it’s actually pretty quiet. The other thing that I love about the campground is the nightly movie with Chip & Dale. The kids get to roast marshmellows and the watch a movie under the stars. The bathrooms are very clean, and what rlb said about driving, I would recommend as well. Besides…You don’t have to stop at other resorts before you go to Epcot that way. :slight_smile:


First, thank you for your responses. I appreciate them. We are going to Disney the week after Thanksgiving and I plan on stopping at FW to check it out. We are staying at Pop Century this time and I am taking my DD over to see how the campground is and show her the place that will be our new “Disney Home”.
I have to say that I am so used to not having a car and relying on Disney transportation that I never even thought about driving to the parks. You guys sounded like geniuses to me for a little bit there!:laugh: I love the idea of having the car with us and driving around to see even dare I say, more of the area surrounding Disney.:eek:
I am getting more excited about the whole idea and would love to hear some more experiences if anyone has any.:mickey:


We’ve never stayed at the campground, but I’ve got to add my vote for driving to the parks. My dh is not a “bus” person and the first year we rented a car he insisted on driving. Now we wouldn’t have it any other way - I’m sure we save a half hour transportation time. So, except for the MK (that’s waaay to complicated), use your own car. You won’t be sorry. At the end of a long park day, it’s so nice to be able to flop back and relax in your own car, instead of waiting for a bus.


We love FW. It’s what every one else said, and I want to add that my kids really love getting to ride their bikes and making new friends on our loop. Another plus is you can bring in lots of your own food and save money on that.


Fort Wilderness is, by far, the nicest campground we have stayed in. That is saying a lot as we have stayed in hundreds of them. It is very clean, well maintained and the spots are spacious. There is a lot to do there and the staff is very helpful, should you ever need them.

The bath houses are very nice and clean. The laundry facilities are nice and affordable. We usually try to save a day or two to just hang out at the campground.

You will not regret your decision. You’re gonna love it!


Love, Love, love FW. Ive stayed there 7 times. The comfort stations are better than most hotel bathrooms, clean, roomy ad well appointed. More activities than any other resort. Its wonderful!

As far as the buses go, It was not that bad once you get the hang. You may be close enough to walk to one of the transfers or ride a bike and lock them up. We rode our bikes every night for a dip in the wilderness pool.I still did better on these buses than at POP. Check out Allear’s FAQ. Its my favorite resort.


You will fall in love with FW! Just like every other resort Disney does it up right! This was the first place I ever stayed on property with my sister back in 1989. We stayed in a trailer (now Wilderness Cabins). We had such a wonderful experience! I agree with everyone, the buses can be slow, and a car would help for some locations. When you go to the MK though, you just have to take the boat! It’s a beautiful ride, and pulling up to the dock just outside of the MK is really special! Also you can’t miss the Hoop-De-Doo dinner show at Pioneer Hall. You have to make reservations months in advance!


Thanks bluesun and welcome to Mousebuzz!:mickey: :mickey:


Nikki… Cavey (even though he is not around a lot these days) stays at the campgrounds often. Check out his TRs and you’ll find o ton of details. Maybe even some special pics of the bathrooms, which is a Cavey specialty!


That’s right!! Thanks, I forgot he has stayed there. I will read his TRs and I do think that a photo or two of the bathrooms may make an appearance:blink:


I have never had the pleasure of staying at FW but the car thing is a good idea until you have to park out far, but I guess there are trams . . .hmmm. I may have to rethink the car idea.


Sorry, no FW pics. But they are clean and well maintained. You just have to realize they are public bathrooms.

I’m not sure how current ratings are, but at one time FW was rated the #1 campground east of the Mississippi River by some RV group. Staying there, you’ll see why.

We do a mix of bus and driving to parks. I’ve found the bus system to be efficient and enjoyable.


allears.net has a few pics of the comfort stations (Bath House).



We have taken our kids to WDW 3 times so far. (First time - Wilderness Lodge, second - FW Cabins, third - FW Campsite) Wiithout a doubt, I would surpass any hotel lodging to experience the great outdoors. (Disney style!) The prices are more reasonable, the atmosphere is relaxing (and perty!), and the fun extras worthwhile.

Our last trip was this past Christmas, and though the crowds were high in the parks, FW was surprisingly “quiet”. It was neat to see so many festive lights strung on RVs and inflated Santas, Christmas Mickies, Penguins, etc. glowing at night when we returned from a day in the parks. Everyone camping around us smiled and said hello as we passed on our way to swim in the camp pool, fish in the nearby fishing hole near the campstore, visit the petting farm, or catch a bus. So much to do, easy access to transportation, laid back setting, and economical. (for WDW)

And with our camper, it was like bringing our home to the magic…To save some cash (and hassle of reservations, long lines), we chose to prepare one decent meal at our Disney “home” each day. (Usually, we’d sleep in, have a huge brunch, pack snacks in our packs, catch transportation to a EMH park and stay till closing) As for transportation, I’ve always thought of it as part of the WDW experience. Not at all a hassle…rather a designated time to pause and rest to and from the magic. (Truthfully, it’s not that long of a wait and failproof, once you know the routines)

Here’s my advice: Take some practice camping trips with your camper to see if you like the camping experience. If you do, then FW will be a dream come true trip for you. It is, by far, the best campground we’ve visited. Clean, nice staff, lots to do, and most of all…all of Disney right within reach! If camping is not your thing, stick with the resorts. Just remember, lodging in WDW is expsensive and (usually) it’s just a place for you to rest between parks and other attractions. FW??? I give it a big two ears up!! :mickey:

Good Luck! Let us know what you decide…

Only 467 more days until MY next camping trip to FW!!! :blush:


We are NASCR fans also. We dont do the RV thing we just go to races that are day trips. We ate at trails end and checked out FW campsite and cabins. It is very nice and clean but we arent advid campers so I dont think It would work for us. We just feel we would go camping or Disney but both togeather Im not sure. I know the DW would not want to make beds or clean on vacation.


Congrats on the camper purchase nikki! I have heard nothing but glowing reviews of FW, so you will all be fine. I definately reccoment taking your own car for there however…can’t imagine how long that bus wait is. you can take the boat to the MK though or the boat to the Contemporary and use the monorail for Epcot. Might not be so bad.


The more I hear about FW, the more I want to try it out sometime.
I think you guys will have a blast.