FW campground experiences


Dh is really into Nascar and has been wanting to buy a camper to go to the races. I wasn’t really that crazy about the idea, but then I remembered that Disney had Fort Wilderness campground. So, we bought a really nice camper. We pick it up this weekend.
I know that a few MBers have been to the campground. Can anyone tell me their experiences staying at FW? I am thinking that it is Disney so it must be nice, but I still am nervous.
We have a bathroom on the camper, but if necessary are the washrooms nice? Are they clean?


I stayed in the cabins there, and drove past the camp grounds, which looked very clean, had lots of amenitites nearby and gave you that away from it all feel while still being able to enjoy the Disney Experience. You will not be dissappointed.


I can’t speak from personal experience, but there is another thread you may find helpful…



Check out Trip Reports by our own Cavey… you’ll get a lot of FW details!