FW going green


Last night I was at FW and we rode on the first electric bus. It was so quiet and runs primarily on electric power. There is a diesel generator on that back (which is also really quiet) that comes on when the bus stops to power the batteries that keep the bus running. The driver was very excited about it and said more buses will soon be added to the fleet.

Also, the other buses in FW have been running on bio-diesel for some time now. I love that they are trying to do their part and trying to lessen their impact on the environment. I’m sure that is not the only reason, but the bus was really nice and very quiet. As a FW guest, you appreciate the quietness.


Cool. I love to hear of companies going green. It’s great that they are stepping up on the transportation front.


Oooh, That is so exciting!! I will be there next week!!


It really is great!


Cool, make sure you see if you can find the electric bus. The campground is so festive right now, make sure to check out all the decorations.


I can’t wait to decorate our campsite. We have never been in December, but I know at Halloween-time the place is all spooky!!


That is really exciting! I love to hear about Disney actually doing green things, because I’ve been on the other side and see how un-green they can be!


I agree, and I appreciate the effort by them.