FYI-Info on Xmas trees and stockings


I had sent an inquiry to the WDW florist regarding xmas trees for our trip in December. Here is the reply we got back, incase anyone is interested:

Thank you for your interest in the Walt Disney World Florist
and Gift Baskets!

Currently, we do not have the Christmas tree design for 2006.
We hope to have them on our website,, in late
July. The stockings will be on the website later in the year. Orders can
be placed once the designs become available, all the way up to just 24 hours
in advance of your arrival if the items are still in stock. The price
last year for 4 ft trees was $250.00 and the filled stockings were $50.00. We do not have a 2006 price at this time. Deliveries of the trees to the rooms are made after you have checked in by the runners at your resort. Be sure to keep checking the website or call us at 407-827-3505 for further details.

Thanks for thinking Disney and have a magical day!


Thanks for posting the link and the information. I am certain DC holiday travelers will need this information. I just browsed in their shoop. They have some really neat little baskets. Expensive, but neat. They aren’t any more expensive from the on-line florists I have ordered from however…I just think flowers in general are a bit high in price. I love the family treat basket and maybe want to grab it for the kids for the trip…have to think about it and analyze the budget first.


Wow. Just too pricey for me.

I am planning to bring wreaths for the doors on our rooms, and to hang Christmas lights in the windows using those little suction cup things. :happy: It’ll be festive! (and a surprise for my parents.)


Wow, WAY too expensive for me! But that’s PPooh!!!

This will be my 3rd December trip and I’ve never decorated before. Maybe I’ll get SOMETHING to put on the door!!!


We went to walmart and got a little(fake) tree and lots of christmas lights. We also had stickers on the windows. It only cost us about $30 for our 2 rooms.


Do it! You don’t want me to have the only Christmas spirited-room about, do you?

And worse, you don’t want me to TALK about you, do you? :angel:


Wow to expensive for me, I might have been able to afford the stocking, Thank goodness we are not there for christmas!


That’s the way to do it! Very clever. :happy:


Expensive, you bet! But will I figure out a way to get it done…ABSOlUTELY! As I’ve said before, this is the year of my dream vacation, and I’m going to love every minute of it. If it takes me another year to pay the rest off, so be it. :pinch: :eek:

But if any of you that are there want to come by and admire it, I might just let you! :wink: :wink:

By the way, I love the idea for the christmas lights in the windows and the wreaths on the door! I think that’s adorable!


What do you get in the stocking usually?


coal! :sad: but that’s just me!


I believe the stockings are “age appropriate” with various WDW snacks, sometimes an autograph book and pen, or a stuffed animal. I’m pretty sure they vary with age.