Garden Grill Anyone?


Looking into it if we go in November. I always wanted to try it but we never know what it’s about. How is it, etc… blah blah :wub:


We ate there a couple of years back, the food is served much like Liberty Tree Tavern, were all the food gets taken to you table, you can keep requesting as much as you can eat, characters come around to your table… and during all this the restaurant is slooooowly rotating… We enjoyed it very much…:wub:


Food good? They have some very interesting choices, cat fish? :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG the food there is SO delicious!

A lot of it if not all is from the things they grow there right in the ride. It’s really one of my favorite Character Meals. If you’ve got the reservation space for it I say it’s totally worth a try. The salad is to die for!


We’ve eaten there twice and enjoyed it both times. The food isn’t 5 star but it good and the characters were a lot of fun.


The food was in-line with most of the other charater meals at WDW… if i recall my favorite was the turkey with the to die for gravy…:wub::wub::wub: (the gravy is the best)

but the characters make the meal…:laugh:
we had reservations when we went this past month, but were unable to make the reservation…:crying:


We love Garden Grill. Food is not outstanding, but good. Characters however, are great and server is usually kind and entertaining also. If you can, try to get a booth on the “outside” of the circle, more scenery. :heart:


Have booked it twice and bialed on it. I just can’t get interested in the menu. I think I may like two or three things on it and my DD only two. Seems like a waste for us.


One of our very favorites, but the food has gone down in flavor and quality over the last few years. The character interaction can not be beat, however!


I agree… sadly also in Coronado, they no longer have the $21 steak in Peper Market :eek::eek:

that was my favorite quick service meal in WDW…:crying::crying:


We have been a couple of times. The first time the food was awesome! The second not so much- but it was ok :slight_smile: The environment is fantastic! Go at least once. Make sure you take the boat ride through the gardens (downstairs) before you eat. It is really interesting.


We ate there once. I don’t care for family service, I prefer buffets.
And I felt the selection was limited when compared to a buffet as well.
On a scale of 1-5, I’d give it a 3.


I ate there with a friend last year and thought it was very good. Nothing really special but just good plain food. I am not much for buffets (being a germaphobe) so I really enjoy the family style service. And as others have said, the character interaction is excellent.


I agree! The food is just ok, although my niece LOVED it. My kids were so so about it. The character interaction is possibly the best I’ve seen in a long time.


The food not so good, I think last year was the worst (we’ve been 4 times). The charaters are amazing, they make up for the lack of great food!


Have eaten there and we loved it. The food was very good as well.


We will be going for the first time in September and I can’t wait! I will have a review when we get back before your trip!



We thought it was “ok”. Not horrible or anything. Unless you’re a big group, the “family style” dining isn’t such a great deal, unless you are HUGE eaters. I like the big, comfy booths and as Living With The Land is one of our favourites, it’s nice to see it as the restaurant rotates.


I’m sad to see so many yucky reviews of the restaurant. I’ll admit it’s been a couple of years since I’ve been there, the last time was when I was a vegetarian. I think that’s why I was so impressed with it, they had amazing vegetarian options. That’s where I really fault Disney, their vegetarian selection isn’t the best. But the Seasons restaurant in the Land has the best options. That could be why I always make sure we eat there when I’m in Epcot. I’ll actually be eating there next weekend and can’t wait.


We loved it and are going back to it this year.