Garden Grill Cafe?


Has anyone ever eaten at the Garden Grill in Epcot ? It is the only place we have reservations for that we werent too sure what we were getting ourselves into. says its a rotating restaurant…what does that mean exactly ? It said all of the vegetables served are grown right there on propery, thats pretty cool. Anyways, I just figured I’d throw that question out there, I figured someone on here was bound to know something about the place.:mickey:


We’ve eaten there and are doing it again on our next trip. The restaurant overlooks the Living with The Land ride (which is where the food is grown). It does rotate, but VERY slowly, so you won’t get dizzy or anything like that. The restaurant is round, so the characters go around the circle greeting guests at the tables. We thought the food was great and are looking forward to it again in Jan.


To me, Garden Grill was just OK, not great. The food wasn’t bad, but I think I might have been suffering “spin stomach” from Mission Space. The menu was OK, again nothing great, in my opinion. My biggest gripe comes from the fact that it’s “family style service” and not a buffet. I guess I don’t like having to wait for seconds, and I don’t feel comfortable throwing away food I didn’t care for and might not have selected for myself had it been a buffet.
You, like most people will probably enjoy your meal there. For me, it was a neutral, not bad, but not great.


We actually had ADR’s at GG during our last trip. We got there, and were so UNimpressed with the menu, we left. We realized that the kids were not going to eat what they had to offer, and for the price, we decided to go elsewhere. Truthfully, we should have investigated it better, prior to making ADR, live and learn.


We’ve eaten there before and plan to this year. The food wasn’t bad


hmmm…this joint’s not exactly getting rave reviews. We leave in 2 weeks for Disneyworld, I wonder if it’s too late to change our reservations to 50’s prime time cafe ?


Have you looked at the menu? Garden Grill - The Land Epcot - Character Meals

If there are items you like I would not count it out. You should consider the experience as well as the meal. I would not eat at Primetime because I don’t like people messing with me during a meal.

But, compare both menus and see what you think?
'50s Prime Time Cafe Dinner Menu - Disney-MGM Studios

Also, here are picture links of both
Walt Disney World Theme Park Restaurant Photo Gallery


If the menu and description of GG interested you before, then go ahead and give it a whirl. If it was bad, it wouldn’t be in Disney. Not everyone loves Prime Time either.


As ddoll correctly points out, not every place in WDW is for everyone. Everyone has different expectations and tastes. There have been very few times I’ve slammed a WDW restaurant (well, really, only one) and flat out advised to stay away. I also agree with jk8 that I don’t like being messed with while eating which is why, along with not finding the menu that interesting, that I stay away from 50’s Prime Time and also,a favorite of so many others, Whispering Canyon.
As always, mileage varies, especially for guests with children.
The biggest tip is to check All Ears Net for the menu for any place you are interested in. This is perhaps the best single tip anyone can give you. Plus, with GG being a character experience, again, especially for kids, it does usually make the meal more enjoyable.


We ate there last September and it was very good it does rotate but not fast enough to get sick


When we tried it the food was just ok in my opinion but my wife loved her meal. Looks like they have changed the menu but I think she lamb. The fact that it over looks the Land attraction and rotates is pretty cool though. Overall it’s a good restaurant just don’t expect much from the food.


We have been to the Garden Grill every year that we have been. We have been pleased each time!


hmmm…what do the people do to you,or say to you at the 50’s prime time diner ? Also, I notice that everything at garden grill is family style served. I like how at 50’s prime time, you can pick what appetizer,dinner,and desert you want. And since you get an appetizer,a dinner,and a desert with the dining plan, seems like one would be cheating themselves by going to the garden grill, as they dont offer appetizers or deserts.


At 50’s prime time cafe they make you finish your vegetebles you have to set your own table and they make you take your elbows of the table(I wouldn’t suggest this place if you don’t like being picked on) the food is great and the service is great my family really enjoyed it!!


We JUST ate at the Garden Grill on Nov 3 . . . for my DD7s 8th birthday! We thought the food was great! It was fun to take the land ride prior to the meal. This way you can see where all the veggies you are about to eat are grown. And then the kids enjoyed rotating through the same ride as we ate. I was told it takes approx. 1.5 hours to rotate so it moves VERY slowly!

The characters were Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale, all dressed in farmers clothes. The menu was super simple! Altho, the food is brought to your table, as soon as the server placed the first “batch”, we custom ordered and he brought everything we wanted for round 2! (Plate of Turkey NO cranberry, and heaps of the veggies, cuz all our kids LOVE veggies) The children’s menu was the same as all over Disney, chicken fingers, fries and mac and cheese . . . BUT the best part was the MAKE YOUR OWN CUPCAKE for dessert . . . perfect for the birthday celebration . . . they put a candle in DD7s!

The adults got this delicious apple crisp with caramel and ice cream . . . YUMMY!

Overall we had a really good experience at the Garden Grill . . . simple home cooked food! Good service, characters and kid friendly! :happy:


The Garden Grill is similar to the buffet restaurants in that you are given several different appetizers and they do have a dessert. Again, it’s all family style service, so it is brought to your table on platters holding several portions at once.


I thought that the Garden Grill is overrated. The food was maybe average. I was expecting better. If it wasn’t for the character inter-action I would have been really upset. We stayed for 9 nights and Garden Grill was by far the worst food we had.:ohmy: