Garden Grill or


Narrowing down my ADR’s, trying to decide between Garden Grille or Rose and Crown. Went to Garden Grille before and really liked it.


Well…for your info…they changed Garden Grill earlier this year…check out the new menu and set up here

I got engaged at the Rose and Crown…so of course i LOVE it! Book an ADR for around Illumninations…and request a table by the water…not much beats that


Either GG or R&C is a great choice - I don’t think you can go wrong with either one. Garden Grill does have a character meal…



you are going to love it here!!!


I think it really depends both on time of day and of year. GG is a character meal, indoors; RC is more of a cultural experience and can be outdoors. On a hot day, GG is great for lunch, while RC would be good for dinner and Illuminations (though the view varies in my experience). Also, while I enjoy RC, if you have a British pub in your area at home, then you can get some of the atmosphere there, while nothing like the Garden Grill anywhere but Disney. (It’s kind of like the Japanese sushi place – we have some great sushi places here, but not, say, Norwegian food, so at Epcot we’re more likely to go for Akershus just because we can’t get it at home.) So I am inclined – especially as their menu is more the way it used to be – to suggest Garden Grill, especially if you like character meals.


You can find a picture of Chastmastr enjoying a meal at the Garden Grill when you hit 100 posts!! :wub:


Oh my gosh, that’s right, that’s where that pic is from!! :blush: