Garden Grill vs. La Cantina De San Angel


Okay everyone, if you had a choice for lunch between Garden Grill and La Cantina De San Angel, which would you choose???
I am trying to decide!


I have only tried San Angel, and really liked it. The atmosphere is awesome!

Garden Grill gets rave reviews on here.


San Angel. I have never had a bad meal there. one of my favorites.


This past trip we tried Mexico. We liked it. The desserts weren’t anything to get thrilled about, but they were ok.

May 06 we tried Garden Grill. The food was good. The server was a pain. She sat down with us (I had to move my stuff before she squashed it) and told us how tired she was. Her mom had moved because her rent had gone up and so on and so forth. My DH and I were like, Did we invite her to lunch with us???


LOL!! :laugh: :laugh:


Sounds like something that would happen at 50’s Prime Time Café.:laugh:

To answer the question, we love San Angel Inn. Garden Grill seems overpriced for the atmosphere and quality of food.


I would choose the San Angel. Love the food and it is a fun place to be.


I have never at at La Cantina. Was pretty upset with Garden Grill. Our last vacation (9 nights), Garden Grill was by far the worst food we had. The characters were great, but I thought the food was below average. Was expecting more and didn’t get it.:angry:


We love both. The characters at the Garden Grill are great. My only complaint is that it does not rotate anymore.


It doesn’t rotate anymore??? it is still listed as rotating! That stinks! :angry:


When we were this past January, it did not rotate. I was told it had something to do with Soarin’. Maybe it was just a temporary thing and it is rotating again.


We love the Garden grill! We were there in Sept. and it did rotate then. Food was really good, and the character interaction was great. La cantina De San Angel was dark inside, my kids do not like that. I like food @ both places.


I would have invited her if she paid for the whole meal!! I would tell her Honey if you are going to pay to lunch you can sit here for as long as you wish:laugh:


I have never been to either but DO want to try Garden grill


Great! Glad to hear it still rotates. It must have been just temporary in January. And yes, it is really dark in La Cantina, you almost need a flashlight to read the menu, but we love to eat there.


It was really wierd. We felt like we had to stop eating while she rambled on. And of course we had to smile and nod like we had been old friends. I really wanted to leave less of a tip, but DH wouldn’t let me.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: You should have billed her for the thearpy session :laugh:


Garden Grill in my opinion is better than San angel. They have really good veggies at garden Grill and they have characters as well!


I love the Garden Grill… but we’ve had some odd employee experience there, too.

Our last trip, this table-cleaning guy kept talking to my sister. He stayed at our table for a good ten minutes until the manager walked by and told him to leave. Then he kept circling the restaurant and stopping for a bit everytime he got to our table. It was really weird…


Garden Grill. But I don’t care for Mexican food. :laugh: