Garden Grill with Living w/the Land down for refurb?


i know the character interaction is supposed to be really good here…and the food too.

But since the restaurant revolves through the Living with The Land attraction, just curious how it being down will affect the whole ambiance of The Garden Grill.

anyone had diner there during a refurb time for LWTL?

allears says the refurb is from Jan. 18-Feb. 5.

just curious…thanks!


We went in September right after The Land closed. You could still see most of the ride, but some of the lights were turned off. Seems like at the beginning, maybe they had some boards up behind the plants. The “plains” area with the bison and the “farm house” were still visible, but seems like less lighted effects and animatronics. I don’t know if any of that has changed with the progression of the refurbishment.:blink:

All in all, we enjoyed it as much if not more than the year before because the waiter and the characters were great. We like the scenery too though! The Land is DH’s favorite ride, and he was quite disappointed that we could not go on it this trip. :ohmy:


Kind of a strange question but how much does the grill turn? My DH has severe motion sickness :blow: but my DD really wants to try the Garden Grill. Can you feel it turn?


You can hardley tell it’s moving. I have motion sickness also and I’ve never had a problem. The only time you can actually tell is if you look at the wall.
I’m not crazy about the food, but I can over look it because of how wonderful the characters are!!!


We ate there last year and everytime we go, love it !!! You’ll love it too. Great characters, awesome food and superb service.


I’m dying to try this next trip… October 2010, 16th birthday yay!


Garden Grill was the first character meal we took our boys to in 1999. They loved it. The food was fine but the interaction with the characters was wonderful!! It is still our favorite!!!


I think they have said it takes more than an hour for the whole restaurant to turn around… It is very, very slow… The kids liked looking for hidden mickeys on the murals when there were no characters… Very, fun restaurant. Pluto tried to lick my daughters cupcake. She loved it!


LOL, I get queasy easily and was fine when we were there. It turns very gradually, you don’t even notice it.


Ok I’m trusting all of you and booking this! I think I can sneak:blush: it in on DH because DD and I really want to try this.


GG was one of our best meals the last couple times we have gone…The characters were awesome, the service was wonderful and watching the visuals were fantastic… I never laughed so hard when my son told Pluto to sit and he promptly plopped right down… It’s always on our To-eat-at list…


I have been by there many times, but never realized that the restaurant moved! Now I’m very curious to try it. C & D didn’t interest us so we never thought to eat there.


You’re going to be just fine!!:happy:


I was just there last Sat. Garden Grill was working fine!