Garden Grill?


What do you guys think of it? For breakfast Character Meal?


'Could be groovy. What kids are involved? I ask because the other EPCOT character breakfast (Akershus) is princesses.

I have trouble getting my head around character breakfasts. I mean, I love characters and I love food but breakfast seems to be the start of the park day when much of the crowd hasn’t arrived yet and my family is energized.

Hey! Maybe the answer is book a character breakfast as LATE as possible and get some top attractions in BEFORE breakfast. OK! OK! I’m slower than most folks…

Also, character breakfasts seem to DDP cost like a table service meal but with less food.

Oh, use DDP for dinner and character breakfast OOP.

I’m catching on!

uh, sorry, uh, Garden Grill dad runs over to Soarin’ and gets everyone a FAstPass.

That’s the ticket!


We did dinner there and realy loved the set up.
When the characters are at your table, it’s just that, since there are no tables across from you.


Im thinking of it for 2 boys 5 and 3. I thought the scenery would give then something to do…