Garden Grill


I’ve never ate there, but everytime I’m in the Land I tend to stare at it. It looks gross but I seem to hear a lot about it. What’s it like? I know it rotates and that the chipmunks and mickey are there. But how’s the food? atmosphere?
It’s one of the only sit down resturaunts I haven’t tried.



What part looks gross to you?


The art, as much as I like retro Epcot. The yellows and greens throw me off.


Check out the menu and see if the food is to your liking. What one person sees as good can be awful to another.

I view the earth tones as fitting the theme of the restaurant. I wouldn’t think the gross colors will ruin the meal for you if you like the style of food.


It is my favorite place. One of the only places to get fried catfish.


I did not really care for it. Other than the rotating floor, there’s nothing interesting about the place–and if you aren’t seated at the rail, the rotating floor doesn’t count for much.


I’ve never been a big fan the land, until soaring. I think it’s more brady bunch colors then warm earth tones. That bugs me.


:laugh: :laugh: Say WHA’??? I never in a million years considered Garden Grill “retro EPCOT!” :laugh: Sorry, I just thought that was funny to see someone young talk about vintage EPCOT.

I agree with you Amanda, it’s not as visually appealing as it could be. It rotates and that’s cool but I never really thought it was very attractive, all that wood paneling is start to look a little old.


Well I mean, compared to soaring the land is lacking in modern decor. Or atleast as far as i’m concerned. Even though Garden Grill was updated it still looks uncomfortable to me. I read the menu, doesn’t look like anything I’d like :confused:

Oh well. I still love the land :D:heart:


The veggies served there are actually grown in the land. The Food is pretty good, and its cool how it rotates!


The food is ok its more abot the character interactions


Honestly, it was one of the rare Disney dining experiences I was not impressed with.


One of our favorite places.


Never tried it…had ADR’s twice and cancelled. I just don’t care to go there…no idea why.


We ate there for the first time in December, the flank steak was terrible but the rest of the meal was good. I loved the fried catfish.


I think that’s the only reason I’d be interested in it, I’ve heard that before, I was pretty impressed.


My DDs love this TS!

The food was really fresh and the kids meal comes with a decorate your own cupcake. It isn’t a large place, so you get great character interaction and the place rotates through The Land attraction, so that’s interesting!

I’ve heard hit or miss with the food, but we’ve never had a problem. The wait staff has always been attentive, characters good and the veggies deelish!

Our server at LTT told me that their veggies were grown on site as well? Who knew?

I’d say try it once for yourself. I called again today to try and get an ADR, for Xmas week and could not. I was told now that lunch is discontinued, and with the place being so small . . . that getting seating there was going to be hard! :glare:


We absolutely love this place. The food has always been very good, and our service has been outstanding. The character interaction is one of the best in the parks, imho.


I agree- we have character photos over the years which show our boys growing up. The character interaction is the best at WDW.


I would agree Character interaction is great. We liked the food and the veggies were really good too. I won’t say the food is excellent I will just say it was good.