Garden Grill


We are going to Garden Grill on our November Trip and I was wondering what was good to eat there? Is it a good place to eat?


Food is good and fresh . . . served family style at your table.

The tables rotate through “The Land” attraction and the veggies you eat are grown right there on property.

This is one of my kids favorite places to eat. Not only do Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale visit, but there is a make your own sundae for dessert!

We’ve always liked it and are going for our third time in October!! :heart:


We are there in March and loved it. The food is good and the character interaction is fantastic.


Good food and it’s served family style. You definitely won’t be hungry after this meal. Great Character interaction.


IMPORTANT: Lunch will be discontinued as of October 6, 2008.
Just thought you should know.


Garden Grill: food didn’t do that much for me. Plus, it’s family style service, not a buffet. This means, you’re waiting for seconds to be brought by the waiter/ess and often, there is a pile of stuff nobody wants left over, above and beyond sample tastes you would take for yourself at a buffet.
That’s what keeps me away from breakfast at 'Ohana as well.


We went there last trip and loved it. It is served family style, and I think the menu changes but I am not sure. We had rotisserie chicken, green beans, salad, some cheesy potatoes I believe, some kind of steak thing, and :heart:CORNBREAD:heart: (I had a ton of that, I love it!). Plus, there was some sort of strawberry dessert; I didn’t think it was amazing but my sister did. Like someone already said, the veggies were very fresh since they are grown on property and they were very good. We ordered refills on a few things and rolled out of there! Plus the characters were fun too!

Also, we didn’t make ADRs, we just walked up around dinnertime in the summer and were seated in about 5 minutes. Can’t get any better than that! :happy:


We enjoyed the lunch, but the food fell in to the “OK” category - there was nothing wrong with the food - but nothing noteworthy either.

We got the kids to try the catfish, so that was fun.

We had an early lunch - so the characters made several stops and the kids had a great time.

We would probably do it again, just not for the actual food.


Thanks for everyone’s input, I will most definetly try the cornbread! My DDad will love the cornbread, he loves any kind of bread. Thanks everyone, I can’t wait to go Thanksgiving week! I am going to have so much have fun!


I’m a big fan of this restaurant myself, but I heard rumors that sometime this month they were changing it to dinner only. Which really blows. :crying: It was always the perfect place for lunch, just because of how we map out our Epcot days…

If you can swing it for dinner and you have kids, I would do it. Though when I went two years ago, the characters were entertaining enough for two 20-somethings! (Long story. :laugh:)


The characters were wonderful, but I was very dissappointed with the food and the service. The revolving part was kind of neat, but overall me and my family were not pleased with the servers or the food.


Thanks for everyone’s opinion, I will give a full trip report when I get back!


I thought the atmosphere and the character interaction was great but the food was just ok. Seemed kinda bland to me but my wife loved her meal.


Does anyone have pictures of the food? Or a more detailed description? We have some picky eaters in our family…


Oh… and does the revolving restaurant make it difficult for waitstaff trying to find their tables and then trying to find the kitchen again? (I’ve never been there before, but I picture in my mind that it would be difficult for the kitchen to rotate too.)


I think its just the tables that revolve around not the whole rest. I have never been here either, I 'll have to let you guys know how it goes when I get back WDW THanksgiving Trip!


I always wanted to try this, but I am kind of picky with food, it looks like I woul get the Turkey and the Steak, $28.99 is pricey, maybe we will try it sometime.

Have they reduced the menu, it seems they have since I last looked a couple years ago, maybe I am wrong.


No, the wait staff can easily do their job. The floor of the restaurant is a large disk that rotates about once every 30 minutes or so. It’s very slow and almost hard to notice.


We love the Garden Grille. It is the only place we ever seem to eat at while in Epcot. Every time we go we say we will try someplace in the world showcase, but always seem to end up back at the Garden Grille. DD loves the characters and the decorate your own cupcake. It really is cute and always seems to be more relaxing to me than any of the other character meals. I never notice anyone else around while eating. The food is okay for me, but we really like the atmosphere.